CAMWorks for Solid Edge SP2 Has Arrived

Short post here. CAMWorks has posted for current customers an important release. We now have assemblies capability for CW4SE and SE. Add to the mix the upcoming changes to the Tech Data Base and great things are in store. I have a “beta” version of this on hand and while I have not had a chance to play with it this is proof things are moving quickly along. Now would be the time if you have been sitting on the fence to give CW4SE a good hard look if you are an SE customer who happens to also manufacture. I will have more to post on this after I get done with the glut of work over the next week and have time to play with new toys.

CW4SE is to me the biggest deal in the SE ecosphere this year and I hope you have a look. takes you to the download link for current customers and takes you to an introductory video.

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