Siemens Marketing, PR and the World of Never Never Land

Reading the statistics here on my blog today and something that has been drawing more of my attention is this. Months ago, 10-6-13 to be exact I wrote a post comparing the direct editing capabilities of SE and SW. It has been BY FAR the most read post ever for me and still comes in the top three read posts every day including the new one if there is one. Many thousands of reads. Of course Larry, Curly, Moe and Shemp are to busy setting up meetings to determine colors on web sites and the next meeting and on and on. Way to busy to directly compete with those who should be regarded as competitors. By my reckoning and the number of reads the CAD world is keenly interested in a direct comparison where it is shown on the same part how things differ and how file sizes and complexities grow. These are what my numbers PROVE to me. But the symphony of crickets is the stiff upper lip of competition these people bring to the contest.

Meanwhile back in the chirping crickets department life goes on. In case you don’t know who the Stooges are read and add the fourth one Shemp who is Jon Fox to the list. As the social postmortem for SE goes on in my mind I ponder how people who are supposed to be planning conquests and growing market share and beating the competition can possibly be this inept and still get paid by the company they are sabotaging.

Funny thing about the sound of crickets. It is meant solely to attract themselves to themselves and has no other purpose. Kind of like what happens in real life with the Siemens crickets as they plan another meeting. Heaven forbid a multi-year cogent and properly themed strategy and multi-year dedication in serious time and money to the same. It would interfere with the meetings where the cricket noises prevail and life is never bad.

Wait till Autodesk gets ahold of these clowns with plans that span years and have serious effort in community and identity. A crummy product can still prevail over a great one that no one knows about. SE is doomed to third place if nothing changes here. The real choice is the color of granite on the tombstone unless Siemens gets smart and gets real and sheds their dead wood. Funny thing about dead wood. I go out for firewood and around the bottom of the pile there are always crickets.

These people do not want to win.

2 responses to “Siemens Marketing, PR and the World of Never Never Land

  1. Dave, I have got to say that compared to a year ago, the launch of SE this time seems to be much better orchestrated. What I mean by this is that of the time of Launch, there were ST7 videos on YouTube, the “What’s New” document posted to the Community site, and of course changes to the Community site to enhance it’s usability (actually as of the weekend). Now what we need to see in the coming months is keeping this initial momentum going and not let it fade away by the second week after the event.

    • Ken,
      I am sorry I don’t see real hunger here and there would have to be a sustained effort that goes the rest of this whole year for me to believe anything has changed. What you talk about relates more to the technical side. SE is brilliant software and ST7 videos and whats new are tech things. I am specifically talking about the huge and continued failure to aggressively pursue growth that would benefit them and users and the nearly complete failure to develop a cogent marketing strategy and user community. Look, if this is there where is it? Can you point me in the right direction because I have been looking. There are some with the Solid Edge side of things that really do care about this stuff but I have come to believe that the smothering blanket of Siemens has and is prevailing. We will see and in the mean time I have better things to do.

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