Final Thoughts

One of the respondents to my posts had a lot to say today that makes a tremendous amount of sense to me. They are things I have been kicking around for some time but I find it interesting to see the process others make in how they view their CAD tools.

Rather than spend more time as an advocate or blogger or social media cloud whatever commenter I think I am going to call it quits to a large degree. WordPress has just renewed for another year my domain and blog so I am stuck with it. But the tremendous waste of time this blog has represented that earns no money HAS been a drain on my finances. It is time I could have spent working and unless you have had a blog you are serious about you have no idea how much time it can consume. Thanks Bob for clarification on proper use of my time and for the insight into a common sense approach.

SE is at the end of the day just a tool as you say and needs to be no more. I bought a cheapo fishing boat recently and I think if I am going to waste some time it will be sitting in the boat where I can enjoy my self and not blogging. For a little over the cost of attending SEU 2014 I now have something I can have fun with over and over again. Sounds like a plan to me.

6 responses to “Final Thoughts

  1. I have enjoyed your shaing of ideas and passion for design. Only a few users seem to care about using good tools. None of the CAD vendors seem to care about the product or users. They have become like the phone company, they fail to provide service, cheat on the invoice, but we have to put up with them. Thanks for a bit of inspiration.

    • Thanks Rick. Yeah I don’t get it either for the money spent. Here take this and shut up is not something I would desire to give my customers. In reality though I am seriously thinking about letting all subscriptions lapse because unless I have to interact with others and have translation problems I can work off what I already have for years and not give them one more dime. Just like all these SW guys who are letting subs lapse and still making money and doing just fine.

  2. Dave, couldn’t agree with you more on the BLOG thing. I have one and it’s tough to find the time to devote to it and tougher yet to come up with something of interest that won’t get me in trouble for posting it 🙂

    You’ll need to cut yourself out a ‘Gone Fishing’ sign to hang on the shop door!

    • Hi Ken,
      When you are in town for beta testing stop in and go fishing with me. I don’t care about the trouble and a Gone Fishing sign sounds good. I will be in touch soon.

  3. Dave, the boat and fishing things sound great!
    I think I’m heading in that same direction.
    The whole CAD and CAM industry today smacks of the unethical nature of the big players on Wall St.
    Your blog has done a lot of good and for that we’re grateful.
    You are the Harry Markopolos to the SIEMENS/SE Bernie Madoff.

    • Hi Tim,
      Back home from a trip now and catching up. Yes I know what you mean. Reading a bit from SEU and now Siemens claims 500,000. Autodesk claims nothing. SW claims MILLIONS. What they all don’t do however is give honest numbers. I am sure SE is growing as the sterling capabilities make it so. But the idea that the numbers are rounded off to hundred thousands says to me a number just plucked out of thin air. It should have been 501,359 as of blah blah date but then marketing can’t be concerned with the truth I suppose. These guys know but they have to play the game of manipulation when the truth could have sufficed. I get to the point where I suspect everything I hear and wonder about motivations for what I am told and then left to discern what reality is based upon what happens and what is spoken. I still don’t see job boards or help wanted like I would expect for #2 El Biggo CAD program so just what is the truth here? I don’t know and they are not saying. None of them are but at least SW has many active listings.

      Caught myself a few times looking to see what all was going on and it seems for the majority of the CAD world this was the best conference never heard of to. Darned little on Novedge to see. They made it this way and they can live with it.

      As you say the very large plus side though has been improvements in the technical capabilities which by themselves have made it worthwhile. But I don’t fool myself into thinking they are serious about the social side or becoming #1 any more. Unless it happens because SW drops the ball so badly they give it away. I can be very happy with the tech side though and that is where I will be found.

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