Thanks a Lot Siemens Controllers!

Working on a machining proposal for a local fabricator that has more than they can do and needs to outsource. I was referred to them and in the ensuing conversation the engineer ask what is it exactly that I do. I describe to him the various things and then get into the design aspect. I mention that I use (Siemens Controlled) Solid Edge. He laughs and he says that I am only the second person he has ever heard of using (Siemens Controlled) Solid Edge. So I ask what he is using and they are using Inventor.

So you swift on the ball corporate types in Germany from the Siemens Control tower I just want to say thanks. Thanks for once again demonstrating to me how stupid it is to mention I use SE and expect others to even know what it does much less how much better it is than stuff like Inventor. I started in on my spiel about how good SE is and how I could work on his parts faster than he could and just stopped. I thought to myself why are you defending once again those who have significant resources to do it themselves but refuse to do so? Why are you once again caught up in defending something you know is good when those who own it could care less? I stopped right away. I decided that that was the last time I was going to offer a defense for a company so completely negligent and navel gazing.

But it was worthy of comment here and just so you guys know I despise the complete and pure corporate Siemens Controller BS and crap management that put me in a situation like this once again. Well they used to put me on the spot. After what has happened lately the kindest thing I have to say to any potential customer is buy Siemens Controlled SE for it’s technical proficiency and forget about getting work with it based on market share. I intend to just tell people I talk to in the future the truth now and I refuse to defend Siemens. I have nothing to defend anymore because these people have beaten any desire to do so right out of me.

Pure stupidity.

2 responses to “Thanks a Lot Siemens Controllers!

  1. I just got Desktop Engineering today. It had an article on CAM software. No mention of SE or CW. Gary Hart, Siemens PLM’s marketing manager, was pushing NX plus DFMPro design for manufacturing software from Geometric.

    • Sad is it not? The Siemens Controlled Sales Suppression Team assigned to Solid Edge does seem to be the only functional Siemens Corporate entity where SE is concerned. I had great hopes for SC SE until half way through this year when I decided it was terminal. Siemens does not care. We have had our brief moment of glory and now it is time to go back to the traditional best software you never hear of for the remainder of the year. Come next April there will be another pretense of excitement but after this year many will not care.

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