SE Community Update

HEY Marketing or PR Gurus or Jedi Webmasters-of-the-Siemens-Community-Universe or Alfred E. Newman or whoever is in charge over at the SE Community site. No, No no no, not over there over here. LOOK at me when I am talking to you. Now listen up. I posted today at Matt’s “On the Edge” blog just fine. One guy can make his blog work so my question is why exactly can’t all of you do the same? I think it is clear to see he is not a part of the problem. Someone who preceeds him IS though and I wish you people would begin to earn the money you get. Here SE is trying to get things going and you psuedo-governmental bureaucrats just sit there and, well sit there. Is there anyone qualified to set this up over there and if so why don’t they bother to check and see how it is working? Does anyone bother to ask users how it is working? I go there today and I see 11 users and 600+ online. So I wonder some things here. Things like does 600+ mean a whole lot of people can’t login or have quit trying to do so like me? I know how many active users there are at the V Bulletin and if you guys had a lick of sense I would think so few logging in at the community site MIGHT be something to wonder about. I have a blog too and I see my own site stats and I know raw numbers don’t mean squat if you don’t figure them out.

NEWS FLASH reeeeead all abouuut it! SEU2013 ended in June and the decision was made after endless planning sessions to start a Community site. It is rumored that sometime after SEU2014 they are going to put something in the vast wide open empty spaces now present and that faster than a speeding bullet and heading towards you LOGGINS are planned for SEU2015.

OK what is that term for the left hand not knowing what the right one is doing?

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