Country living

For those of you who have been out to my shop this picture will be no surprise.

Outside Turkey (2)

My house and shop is in a valley where I don’t allow hunting because we like to watch the critters. Now on the ridgetop it is a different story and they all become labeled such things as breakfast, lunch and dinner. I enjoy feeding the animals and the picture at the top of my blog was taken looking from the front deck towards the shop. We have a lot of empty space for them to wander in and I would not have it any other way. But I am efficient and generous with my handouts and this extends even to the inside of my house where I feed my inside turkeys. Here I am feeding my indoor Internet Turkeys

inside turkey

In living out in the country I have learned there are similarities between indoor and out door Turkeys. They can both be trained to stand in line for handouts they did not earn and they both like wide open spaces where they can wander without running into anything 😉

4 responses to “Country living

  1. Hey, I can’t tell one “turkey” from the other! 😉

  2. Dave, in the picture at the top of your BLOG, I always assumed that the dark projection to your right was a shotgun you were holding…

    • Hi Ken,
      Yes, it is. But I don’t shoot them in the valley just on the ridge top. It is fun to show Turkey hunters how hard it is to get one here if I wanted to.

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