Cookie Dough Die Round to Ellipse, Solid Edge for Manufacturing

Here we have a part that failed to produce like the customer wanted. Using a similar die for testing the deposit was elliptical in shape and the deposit needed to be round as in round cookies. The solution was to redesign the die and create elliptical cavities that would yield round deposits and send the customer a screen capture and drawing for approval. So follow me as I edit this part. I have to admit that I can barely remember how clunky life was in a pure history based world and man what a difference.

Now I thought this would be a CAMWorks post too but my temp license ran out. My first time updating this file there worked and did so flawlessly updating ALL the changed geometry and tool paths with a couple of mouse clicks. Sad to say as I redid this video it never worked again so blame the license gremlins. It was nice to sit here tonight though and edit this part with ST and then step over to CW4SE and do an update and it all went so quickly.

You know what? Time IS money and I can’t fathom wanting to work any other way ever again.

Join with me as I edit this part.

6 responses to “Cookie Dough Die Round to Ellipse, Solid Edge for Manufacturing

  1. Nice example, Dave. If you are curious to see just how easy it is to do the same thing in SolidWorks, email me the original file in Parasolid format.

    • Hi 3D,
      In response to your request and after a bit of consideration these are my thoughts. You did convince me that I did not know enough about SW to talk about it in technical terms and so I don’t any more. You were right. However when it comes to what you are proposing I also have no interest in doing that either. I am posting parts done in SE as I find interesting things to me and people are welcome to read it and draw their own conclusions. I don’t ever intend to use SW so what you offer is just not of interest because quite frankly I don’t care.

  2. Hi Dave

    You always make me laugh a bit with your ‘frankness’.

    Hope all is well.


    • Hi Billy, hope the same for you.

      3D has had value to me as he demonstrated the folly of talking about things I really did not know about and he did so politely. He also focused my attention back to something important and that was my software of choice. Now if SW and Dassault get into more cloud propaganda or serious kernal change failures I will for sure talk about that. Truth of the matter is though that some days and some parts I find interesting and that is where my blog focus will stay.

      On a more serious note I am going to have some medical bills coming up soon with my wife and so everything is on hold until I know what will be my financial liability. It is the sad part of getting older. I have not renewed with SE yet and have not bought CW4SE yet as sometimes things much more important than software come up. It is a strange world sometimes and my VAR has been quick to point out that I will have penalties to pay for late renewal with SE. These same guys also want me to spend my unpaid time to help them sell seats of software. It will also end all my posts on CW4SE for an indefinite period of time but fortunately I did slip in under the radar with ST6 so I will get to talk about it still. I keep finding little ST6 nuggets that are nice.

  3. 3D Modeler: I’m curious about what you think is going to be faster in SolidWorks? The Delete Face command where you can’t window select? The extrude command where you have to make extra clicks?

    When you hide behind an alias and your reputation isn’t at stake, it’s easy to talk big. Why don’t you just show us? Put it on YouTube. You saw all the dimensions there, you can make the same part. Show us.

  4. I like all of you comment Matt.. hope all is well with you.


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