CAMWorks 4 Solid Edge SP1 for ST6 Released.

OK here is the latest from CW4SE. Today 8-23-13 I received the following announcement for CW4SE SP1

” We are excited to provide you with the release of SP1 for CAMWorks® for Solid Edge® 2013. With this release, you will be able to run CAMWorks for Solid Edge within Solid Edge ST6. In this service pack, we have focused on improving the user experience with regards to interaction with the solid model geometry. In addition, we have addressed a number display related issues that had been reported.”

I have not had a chance to look yet but I was also told that September will bring assemblies into CW4SE for tool path creation.Hopefully this is there but in any case you ST6 early adopters can now run CW4SE. Check with your VAR for download info if you are a current subscriber. If you are interested in a demo version will take you to a page that will get you going.

One response to “CAMWorks 4 Solid Edge SP1 for ST6 Released.

  1. My sales guy from Access Mfg Systems says no assembly yet, coming soon.

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