Huntsville Solid Edge Productivity Summit 10-10-13

HEY, I almost let this one slip by. I have been bust enough that while I remembered this was coming up had neglected to pay close attention to it. October tenth at 8:00 AM until 3:30 PM at the Huntsville SE headquarters is the date and time. 675 Discovery Drive in Huntsville is the location. Come and meet some of the people that create what you use to make a living.

I have been busy enough that while I remembered that there was one scheduled it had slipped my mind until I got an email today regarding it. Those of you who are anywhere close would be well rewarded by attending this one. The people who work in the SE headquarters here are very interested in both the program and the users and this should be the best one to attend in the whole world. No I am not being silly here, this IS the place where SE is headquartered and I can tell you that many of the people who develop the program work here and there is no telling who will show up. If it is at all possible and you are even remotely close can I recommend you send in your RSVP?

So without further delay let me give you a link to the Huntsville Productivity Summit.

This is a free event with lunch provided and with the talent available for this meeting I think it is safe to say the best one out of the whole series will be here. You as a user and your company as your employer looking to get better informed about the software you use could choose to miss this I suppose but considering what will be there the prudent decision would be to attend. You will be talking directly to some of the people who create what you use to earn a living with and it will directly benefit you and your company by being there.


3 responses to “Huntsville Solid Edge Productivity Summit 10-10-13

  1. Whoa! Thanks for the reminder. Starts Tuesday on the left coast.

  2. Make a plan to see the rocket center while you are there. Definitely worth it unless you don’t like rockets. Who doesn’t like rockets? Browse the Wikipedia article on rocket motors before you go, though. The Space Center has surprisingly little information on how they actually work and you will see a LOT of different rocket motors.

    • Hi Larry,
      They have a Blackbird there to along with a centrifuge that will let you feel what the GEE forces are like during a launch. Good idea and perhaps it would be a short vacation for some and you can’t get more family oriented than the Space Center.

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