Hey Roopinder, Solid Edge is Over Here!!!!

I enjoyed reading Roopinder’s article today.  http://cadinsider.typepad.com/my_weblog/2012/05/solid-edge-gets-mentioned.html

Roopinder is capable of making some tongue in cheek comments and today and I am more than a little amused by the slap he gives PLM World on the way by to his arrival soon at the SE University in Nashville.

I have been involved with SE now for four years and the changes have been huge with the pace of change accelerating. Things that I can’t talk about of course as it is the prerogative of SE as to when news is released. Suffice it to say that I speak with great confidence that this year will see a number of long-awaited changes happen and as you express a desire for SE to bust out I think you will be well pleased.

I think of your article and it is a reminder of the recent past and I reflect in my mind’s eye the events I have personally witnessed or have been told about by those who were there.

   PLM World never really gave a flip about SE and SE was shoved into the corner of the big hall where the Red Headed Stepchildren go. There to be casually observed from a distance with disdain. SE at the last Summit in Cincy in 2005 had I believe somewhere close to 500 attendees. When I ran all the sessions for SE at PLM World a few years back there were 37 SE users in attendance. It was a direct reflection of the regard for SE at Integraph and then UGS especially when the investment banker idiots took over and dictated policy based solely on milking the cash cow for immediate gain and not planning for the future. I also hear stories about how UGS wanted SE because of the Synchronous Tech they were developing and once they had it wondering what to do with this software company that came with it.

This was where UGS found themselves when Siemens bought them out. Siemens does have some slight involvement with manufacturing as far as I can tell. Perhaps just maybe they bought this software bunch to integrate and use to their own benefit both in streamlining their own operations and selling that same expertise to others for a profit? I think it is so.

So we flash forward a few years and as you will see in Nashville this June it is now a different ballgame. Really you saw this last year and you know it is not the same game anymore even though I certainly wish the pace of change was faster.

The first time a pure SE event was held after being removed from PLM World a lot of users who would have attended were sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if the change was for real. I figure on many more this year as we all left last year with a good report and users now believe and have expectations that things are on track.

I look forward to seeing you again at the true venue for SE where you can look forward to a number of announcements about the future of SE. It is no longer the software you’ve never heard of and the big push is just about to begin.

If you are an SE user and you have a chance of being there all I can say is when the reports come out you will regret not going. I speak not only with confidence but with knowledge that this will be the best pure SE event ever and long-awaited and exciting things are in the offing. It is nice to be with a company that has a direction and a plan and happens to care about geometry creation.

Hey, no cloud, no kernal change and no goofy delusional immersive experience Frenchman taking his iPhone out of his pocket, know what I mean:)

2 responses to “Hey Roopinder, Solid Edge is Over Here!!!!

  1. Hey, since we a smacking the Frenchman down let’s not forget that the iPhone is designed not in SW but in NX. Currently, I’m really concerned about what happens to my SolidWorks installation (14 seats) with Enterprise PDM.

  2. Say, at least they used a good design program eh! I think you know where you are headed with Solidworks and it is time to plan a rational exit from peril. Either that or do what many are doing and just stay with the old versions. A ton of very unhappy people with SW right now who resent feeling their futures being jeapordized.

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