The Amusing World of Speculation for Today

I have to wonder if Dassault building such a large building for “SW” in Waltham, MA was a hedging of bets. If Europe is going to strip IP rights from software would it not make sense to take some of your eggs out of that basket?

These things don’t occur overnight and I wonder if they had an idea this ruling was in the offing.

I suppose in some ways this possibly is an effort to stop companies like Apple who seem to want to compete not so much in products but in the courtroom by suing competitors to prevent viable alternatives to their overpriced goods.

But like almost all socialistic central government planing it will go way to far and not stop expanding. Kind of like Homeland Security here in the USA that our honest politicians said was meant only to fight terrorists and is now doing things like raiding flea markets for counterfeit goods and sending armed swat teams to arrest sellers of unpasteurized milk at organic farms in  The Peoples Republic of California. No I am not making these things up, Google it and find out for yourself.

I hope all you big government socialist Obama Democrats, Bush Homeland Security voting Rino Republicans and EU Diktats authors are proud of what you want your children to grow up under just because you want to shove people around today. What was it Obumer the radical racist Muslim Kenyan said about using any crisis to further the goals of socialism? Seems to hold true for both Europe and the US. Destroy intellectual and actual property rights and you are most of the way there.

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