Yessirree, the TOTALLY Secure and Reliable Cloud

You know it does get monotonous sometimes reading day after day irrefutable proof that the cloud is the biggest clear and present danger to the health and well-being of any companies IP. It is the equivalent of the unlocked door, the open safe, the forgotten/stolen laptop, the lost hard drive, the thieving employee and the corporate spy network all rolled into one for easy use by those who mean you harm.

It is hard to imagine how many classes these cloud sellers have to go to in order to sound sincere while they tell you these whoppers about secure, reliable, cost saving blah-blah-blah ad infinitum ad nauseam.

Why in the world Microsoft invited a known felon to the church picnic I have no idea. You would think they might have known better. So you have this software giant whose products are incorporated into the vast majority of every software companies products, like CADCAM for those of you in Rio Lindo :), inviting criminals to sit in on the planing and security meetings.

So where exactly will the breach come from that will destroy your companies IP? There is only one way to avoid the pervasive and porous ISP jeopardy out there and that is to stay offline with your stuff. Period.

OK cloud purveyors, please tell us once again without any proof how secure all this is. You all keep talking one thing and reality keeps saying another so don’t you think perhaps it is time to demonstrate that you believe in what you sell because you know it works? With clear legal stipulations and clear language putting your money where your mouths are as evidence?  My fingers are drumming on the desk right now as I patiently extend my three plus year wait for proof for another day.

Funny thing is that on the way to the Cloud PR department there was the legal department and the lawyers in that room said don’t make any promises you can’t keep.

If I was China I would help to fund every cloud company I could. Heck because I am such a nice guy I would even provide them equipment to run it all on. It is always so convenient to go shopping online rather than having to drive all over the place.


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