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Crites CT120 Dropin Replacement Update

I now have an update to these and some pictures to help explain. These will require some work on the buyers or installers part. The flange fits perfectly but the cutout will need to be enlarged to allow the body to drop in.

So you will need to cut out each side.

The customer who was my test case for fit up obviously did not have optimal tools on hand for doing this and was eager to get them in and hear them. I imagine we all can relate to that and it worked out fine and the ragged edges were hidden.

Here is the inside view of these in place.

Now here is what he had to say initially about the install.

“They sound good, I just installed 1200.00 of upgraded networks from Dean and didn’t have them that long before I installed your lens. I’m coming from Tekton Double Impacts and I know there a lot of haters out there, but they are really good sounding speakers. These are obviously horns speakers but I’m digging them and they compare to the DI detail. Keep them the same as the pair you sent me and just let them know that they require a bit of massaging with an oscillating tool. Guys that are brave enough to start changing out tweeter lens should be able to do that little bit of trimming!”

Shortly after he sends this.

“Another thing, even if they didn’t improve the sound and I definitely think they do, they look bad ass. Nice work!”