33 Weeks After ST7 Release And Still NO Viable CAMWorks for Solid Edge

Today I am going to talk more about the Siemens SE side of the equation than the Geometric side. First though the count.

37 Weeks since the last communication from Geometric to SE CW4SE users about CW4SE for ST7.
33 Weeks since ST7 was release to customers.
14 Weeks since the last CW4SE user post at the Geometric CW4SE user forums.

Can you offhand think of a single example of such woeful neglect of a buying customer user base? I mean it. Think about your experiences over the years with any software vendor and can you think of another debacle equal to this one besides perhaps an outright bankruptcy of a software company or Dassault Cloud Vaporware? Refund our money Geometric. You can’t fix this mess and your inability to do so I think has been pretty well established. Give us our money back and just GO AWAY. What are you going to do this time? Give us another extension of maintenance so we can have another year or half-year of waiting for nothing? I have really enjoyed my half-year extension which is now four months up and still nothing to use in sight. In reality this means as an SE user I would still have to be using ST6 and LAST years cam program to have a semblance of working software.

The other side of the equation is of course Siemens Solid Edge. I don’t refer to Solid Edge much as an independent entity anymore as those days died when Karsten left. Thus the Siemens Solid Edge moniker. Look at the contrast with the following two screen captures. First we have one from a real person who cared.

ScreenHunter_06 Apr. 13 08.50

Now we have one from somebody whom I am not certain exists as a real functioning head of Solid Edge/Siemens Mainstream Engineering Software.

ScreenHunter_07 Apr. 13 08.52

I want you to pay particular attention to the rate of comments posts per month and the stark contrast between one who cared and one who quite frankly can best be called MIA.

Now read this. http://community.plm.automation.siemens.com/t5/Solid-Edge-Forum/Welcome-from-the-new-guy/m-p/296259#U296259

Can I be blunt here? This is the most mindless empty bunch of verbage, referring to what was supposed to be coming from John Millers mouth that is, it has been my misfortune to have read for some time. It is just as bad as the first introductory post he supposedly made some time back.

I remember sitting down with a couple of marketing people while we had just a couple of days under our belts with CW4SE during beta training before CW4SE was released. These marketing people were silly enough to actually ask us how much improvement we were going to gain by using CW4SE over our current CAM programs. My response was I have no way of knowing when I have not cut a single part with it and I forbid you to use my name in association touting the wonders of a program I have yet to cut a part in. The stuff that John Miller is supposed to be saying reminds me of the empty Marketing garbage they wanted me to sign off on. I mean it literally. They were presenting me with comments from their fertile imagination and all I was to do was sign off on the use of my name. They were not there for real feedback or commentary although that is what they ended up with. Subsequently they never used anything from my “interview”.

John Miller I am beginning to think has yet to actually speak to the SE user community. I base this on the marketing and publicity babble-speak nonsense it has been my misfortune to see from empty heads in the past who are however paid to produce something. So the end result is an eruption of industry accepted phrases and empty words that fill a spot that we in the intended audience are some how no doubt going to get excited or pacified over. That is how I regard the commentary that has so far populated Millers “posts”. The direct contrast between what Karsten Newbury used to say and the clear interest and genuine interaction is diametrically opposed to the empty junk coming from the automaton P&R generated script purportedly coming from Miller. Marketing and Publicity has I figure been given orders to fill an empty spot is my guess with something because perhaps the idea that Solid Edge has been cast adrift with a place holder manager is gaining traction. But even here the paucity of comments and the vapid empty words used reveals the lack of interest Siemens has for SE.

Mr Big has yet to reply to my questions about CW4SE. I don’t think “he” will and marketing for darned sure will not touch that one with a fifty foot pole. I am sadly coming to the conclusion that the CW4SE users are being cast adrift and are of no consequence anymore to the decision makers at Siemens. BUYER BEWARE! Buy Solid Edge because it is the best midrange MCAD program with the best direct editing capabilities out there. Do not ever consider SE for any other function though as there will probably never be a robust family of integrated aps and pursuit of market share which would gain you additional work potential. If you do work in-house design SE can’t be beat. I use it all the time and can’t imagine working without it. Even if you are an SW or Inventor house you still would benefit from at least one seat of SE just for editing imported parts and best in class sheet metal. But you are not going to work with other SE using companies in all likelihood and you probably will not have a resource of trained users unless it is you who creates them. I have yet to work with another company that uses SE here in southern middle Tennessee, just north of Huntsville by the way, and quite frankly I am tired of hearing surprise about my choice of CAD programs from others. Comments like you are the only one I know of using it.

Solid Edge, the best software you’ve never heard of from Siemens the company that does not care if you ever hear of it. Co-sponsored by CAM prize fighter Geometric that could not punch it’s way out of a wet paper bag.

8 responses to “33 Weeks After ST7 Release And Still NO Viable CAMWorks for Solid Edge

  1. I haven’t contributed much recently because I haven’t been doing much CNC work. A lot of what Dave says is true, but I have been using CW4SE recently and it’s been working. They made some real improvements in the interactive (non-AFR) user interface. You can actually go back and re-pick a broken feature now. And you manually can pick a tool in your crib during the process or let it pick one for you. So I think they did listen to some of our suggestions. I have a basic bunch of tools in the carousel that I use over and over again so l like to tell the software which one I want to use. More manual control means less need to fool around with the Tech DB.

    • Hi Larry,
      Well I am glad to hear that and you are the first one to say so that I know. What version are you using, SP-0? I have to admit that by the time Geometric got around to releasing something I had already made the switch to Inventor HSM. Weeks of struggle with the TDB during beta was it for me and since I wanted to use ST7 I couldn’t wait for Geometric to get it’s act together.

      I went into the SP-0 release enough to find out that I still had contain problems and it still took way to much time to do things and I still had to argue with the TDB. At least I only had to do the license twice and the Access seemed to be OK but by then I was just fed up with wasting time all the time and all the stupid contain problems. Dylan has had nothing but grief with it to and he can tell you a lot more if you care to call him as it is crippling his production each day. He sadly is till stuck with it and quite unhappy about that.

      Finally what type of work are you doing that CW4SE is not messing with your day?

  2. Glad you are having a better time, Larry. The types of features I do a LOT of are unfortunately still bugged so that they break every time the file is closed and reopened. So much for associative changes. A fix is in SP1, I’m told, which I keep hearing is coming ‘next week’. Like the release of the assembly module 6 months late last year, it seems it will be perpetually a week away. I’ve corrupted my tool crib twice and had to wipe it and start over, too. This may be my own ignorance, but I’ve written microsoft access macros before and this stuff really should not be this cumbersome and fragile. Everything is just a case of “it’s just functional enough to work”. If I wanted that kind of software, I would have gotten BobCAD!

    • AMEN to that. I asked Larry what he had been cutting that gave him so little trouble and I hope he replies back. Such has not been my experience and even simple things take way to long.

  3. It’s mostly been 2D, pockets and point to point. I sometimes use AFR to get me started and then I throw most of it away and pick out my own features. Then I RMB on a feature and work in the “New 2.5 axis mill operation” dialog or “New hole machining” as the case may be. Once you get there and select the feature you can pick out a tool manually from the dialog that opens when you click the “Parameters” button. Also you can copy all the parameters from another operation in the file. Too bad you can’t copy from another part!
    Volumill does need improvement. It always wants to make a thousand cross cuts when 5 parallel cuts would do. I imitated it using a zig pattern on making some rabbets in some long bars (something we do a lot) and made several buckets of chips on one 5 flute cutter once I figured out you really do have to shut off the coolant. 303 stainless.

  4. Just to note…SP1 early preview build was actually released Friday, the day after I posted about this. The bug fix list is 32 pages long. I’m downloading it over the weekend to try it out. (I’m stuck here at the shop running parts, so why not!)

    Fingers crossed!

    • THAT is I hope good news. I am going to download it also and we shall see what there is. 32 pages and I wonder how many of these were “intended behavior” at one time, sigh.

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