CAMWorks for Solid Edge 2015 3-30-15 Update

It has now been twelve weeks since the last CW4SE user post at the Geometric forums. It has now been 31 weeks since SE ST7 was released and we have yet to see a usable release. It has been 35 weeks since the last word was given to CW4SE users as to what is going on with CW4SE  other than the release of CW4SE 2015 which does not work right. I figure like myself the other CW4SE users have put it on the shelf while we wait for something we can use.

If you are looking at CW4SE you need to know this is how you are regarded by Siemens and Geometric. We current customers are not worth their time to give any sort of updates.  We are not valuable enough to them to have a competent working product some 31 weeks after the release of ST7.

In my opinion if you buy CW4SE knowing the conditions current customers labor under you are crazy. On the other hand if you wish to enroll in the Geometric CW4SE Masochist Society your money will be well spent and quite productive. You can get beaten up every single day.

“If you thrive on black and blue Geometric is for you”

There you go Geometric. For free out of the kindness of my heart a new marketing slogan. Not copy written you have my full permission to use as you see fit.

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