Solid Edge MP-5 Released, Is CW4SE Soon To Do Same?

Today I see MP-5 is released for Solid Edge and this time I am hoping past history with CW4SE holds true. Typically there have been new releases or updates with CW4SE when certain things have been released by SE in Maintenance Pack updates. While I have not been told anything by anyone, shocking yes I know, I am hoping for Geometric to get something done following this.

While I have no intention of ever allowing CW4SE to be my principle CAM program again I do wish for it to at least work. In particular the Constant Stepover tool path which is the only one of interest to me in their portfolio since at this time Volumill seems to be falling behind Adaptive Clearing from Autodesk HSM. Heaven only knows we need something to be encouraged over in the midst of this debacle.

I wonder if Geometric and Siemens controlled SE will do the right thing and extend maintenance again since we have yet to see a good version of CW4SE 2015. Time does march on and ST7 was released last August the 8th and here we are  seven months later and still waiting for something we can use.

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