Ray of Sunshine For Geometric’s CAMWorks for Solid Edge

While yet to receive my email CW4SE 2015 is finally out. Exactly what is in there and what has been improved and fixed I have no idea as my download is not done. Suffice it to say though that this is good news. Apparently Geometric is also going to extend all current customers subscription for an additional six months as an apology for the huge delay which is also good news for more than one reason. Hopefully this means a change in how Geometric operates and will be proven over time as evidence of a sincere desire to make things right for their customers.

What I have been told is that there are some of the promised improvements in the TDB and I would hope a far more aggressive process of QA implemented that will catch most of the bugs before customer’s end up with them in their daily work lives. As time permits I will have a look and a few words to speak which I really hope for the first time in quite a while will be complimentary.

Hey Geometric, I am not blind nor one-sided and if you have good things to talk about I will do so. Once again I open up this blog to any comments you wish to make. Remember that if you leave a void of information from your end by way of updates and information regarding the future you lose your opportunity to determine what is said. The information void will be filled with something whether you like it or not so speak up.

On the Solid Edge side of things I hope the support for ST7 and CW4SE 2015 is more robust than it has been. Perhaps out of all this will be a determination by both Siemens/SE and Geometric that the right things have to be in place first in both software and support and that being proactive about this becomes the new paradigm. I regard Solid Edge as hands down the best mid range MCAD program out there and hope for the day when the ancillary things to the program itself work as well as does SE.

As a passing comment here about SE. Maybe some people think is wrong of me to not get more actively behind SE like I used to with videos and parts creation/editing posts but this is what has happened. First off it is no mystery as to what I think of Siemens Corporate endless do-nothing meetings culture and Publicity and Marketing dictated by those same people. I am done talking about the reality as I see it of things and situations they have created. I have also reached a decision that as an unpaid blogger that writes about what it pleases himself to write about I am not going to help overpaid and apparently severely unqualified Siemens people to do their jobs. They are on their own and in the bed they have made for themselves so don’t look for much from me in this area unless I have a change of heart for some reason. Do not however doubt my sincerity when I say SE is the best. I can’t imagine designing without it and quite frankly don’t see any possible equal in capabilities replacing it any time in the near future. I will also say that somehow the technical side of SE has been sheltered from this Siemens corporate killer miasma. All the people I have met down there are top notch and dedicated talented individuals and they deliver the goods year after year. Oh and they actually listen to their customers to, imagine that!

This excludes the second floor guy for those of you in the know. He is still an idiot an he caint hep it.

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