Autumn Colors

I know, the way I have been talking about Siemens Mr UGS anti Solid Edge campaign I bet you thought I was going to mention drab sterile Siemens Grey and cloudy dreary days without a ray of sunshine. Or Fall which precedes the coming Winter for SE if Mr UGS is not fired and the upper management he has led astray reformed.

But no, I have another thing in mind. And after a week like the last two have been where I have spent lots of time and money trying to get an Elgi screw compressor and an ADX American Rotary unit to play together to no avail I have to find something nice to talk about. But before that have you ever been in a spot where you open your wallet and pour out the money and it all just turns to garbage? The rotary people say it is not their fault and I tend to believe them as their units have a fine reputation and everyone I know that uses them is satisfied. Elgi on the other hand certainly does not in my opinion now. Talking to their stateside engineer and he has no problem running this E07en unit off of a phase converter. But then we get into try this and try that and yes some of these did get out of the factory comments. So it finally works for a day and then here I am Saturday morning with a new problem. The motor will barely start and trips a 100 amp breaker and this on a 10HP compressor with no load. Some days it just does not pay to get out of bed and I am so mad I could spit nails. If they can’t solve my problem today I am going to just have them get it and I will probably buy the replacement unit from Eaton Compressors just like my friends have and run for years with no problems.

I have a Phase perfect true digital phase converter which fires this baby up with no problem but the rotary and the E07en compressor combination at this time is junk.

So I think of fall and the fall colors nature brings. I live in the country by choice and each season has it’s own visual panoply of beauty and fall has some of the best. Now the leaves are OK too don’t get me wrong but the best fall colors are the ones which ripen up this time of year. DSC_0007 Guaranteed to take your mind away from the onerous vagaries of equipment problems these little babies are just bursting with flavor crystals and bound to please any pepper head. Ahhhh, the bliss of Fall Colors appealing to all the senses from one end to the other 😉

4 responses to “Autumn Colors

  1. Long time since I was into electronics but perhaps it has a dud capacitor or diode now. I mean it ran for a day and just about runs now but perhaps there was something stressful in that run with the phase, heat or such and a component has died with the start up current this next time. Dunno, appreciate how aggravating issues like this are though. 😉
    BTW saw that OnShape are looking for testers soon. Seems not to be a desktop version (what are they thinking…) so I guess I might have to do some more appraisals. SE… hmmm well…Inventor next?

    • Hi Neil,
      Who knows. The service tech will be here Monday AM to give it a try one last time. I think I am just going to go with a single phase 7.5hp unit and forget the 10hp 3 phase stuff. There are some compelling reasons to buy Elgi chief among them they do not use proprietary parts but off the shelf things and the cost of maintaining them is quite reasonable. But they can’t apparently make it work with a rotary and I am not spending another $4g+ just to get another true digital phase converter.

      Watch Inventor for sure. Siemens inspired by Mr UGS has contempt for SE and it’s users and if you buy SE you will be held in contempt to. Autodesk is assembling a whole ecosystem for manufacturing and they now own some of the worlds best and they do not hold you in contempt. Now the only question where they are concerned is cloud only in the future which Carl Bass has not stated will not happen but the reality of the hackable web I think will make it so. Carl actually makes machined physical objects from design to cam and cutting which is good. Rule of thumb is that if the people who run a company whose engineering products you are interested in are CPA’s or MBA’s or other types who have never used what they sell in the real world how can they relate to use as users? All they see is cash cows. This philosophy of manufacturing and ability to personally manufacture has been embraced by only one major executive of a CAD CAM company in the world who has the power and will to determine the outcome from what I can see and that is Carl Bass.

      This is what made SE appear to be so powerful until they were shot down. Dan Staples is an expert user and he gets CAD at all levels as a real user. Karsten Newbury has a degree in industrial stuff and he totally gets the ecosystem thing. Sadly the power of SE has been muzzled by incompetent UGS non-users and those Siemens execs who don’t understand the gold egg laying Goose they could have in SE.

  2. Dave the link below is what I feared would happen in the midst of the present economic situation. The notion of never letting a crisis go to waste is obviously not confined to unscrupulous politicians or the likes of the CIA. This audacious heist absolutely turns me off buying a CAD solution from Autodesk. Carl Bass can take his subscription only model and go **** himself.
    Adobe, DS, Autodesk et al are clearly endeavouring to exploit the cloud and consumer dependency/complacency to gradually impose rent seeking on their customer base and bring about perpetual welfare for themselves. Welcome to the totalitarian state. This arrogant and corrupt endeavour is only surpassed by the schemes the worlds corrupt financial institutions have wrought on people to allow them to high roll in their derivatives casino. And no I don’t feel better for that mini rant.
    On a positive note I hope you got your practical issues with the compressors sorted today.

    • Well I had hoped this was not going to be according to Anthony Graves who is a mucky muck from HSM. He denied it would be and I will be calling him today for some enlightenment on his either being out of the loop or lying. I am getting tired of the whole software mess and quite frankly I may just keep what I have and all these guys and get bent. Solid Edge at this time still as far as I know has no intent of forced cloud or rental usage. What goes on behind closed doors who knows but you can bet that all are watching to see how Autodesk does. Subscription only is the only way these software guys can get away with offering no significant improvements each year for your money and I am sure it gripes them to no end that with permanent seats you and I can make money for the next ten years and not give them a dime. I know a fair number of people using eight year old Mastercam and still make good money doing so. Like the commenters from the post you reference I think they all would like to do this. I am glad I am as old as I am and can actually think about never renewing again with anyone. I am not going there and Autodesk just lost it with me. No wonder Bass has never said permanent seats forever. It is a shame because the interesting things are going on with Autodesk right now.

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