CAMWorks for Solid Edge Beta Released

OK folks the beta is out. Go to for more information. This will only work for current customers as login to site is required. I would caution you to try the Beta on a second PC and not your main one. If you are not aware of this you can request a “Home Use” license from Siemens for Solid Edge which will allow you to run a second copy of SE. I have had trouble before with the Tech Data base on my daily user so I wont do that again and recommend you do as I will and try the beta out on my laptop and not my workstation.

You should also find there some info on what you might get if you participate in beta testing AND turn in any problems you find. Along with the download link there is of course information on whats new and install.

Try the beta of the only truly integrated CAM program in the SE ecosphere at this current time.

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