Siemens Solid Edge German Controllers Doofus Update

I used to look at Novedge Pulse every day and typically it was the first site I would visit.I was enamored of the CADCAM world and Novedge is the place to begin it each day. Not so much since Siemens killed my desire to be an advocate for Siemens Controlled Solid Edge. So I go there today and like many I know I use Firefox as my browser now. IE has become to flaky for my use and many sites do not work. The apparent market leader in over all size is Chrome according to Wikipedia. I suspect that Chrome has this place because of mobile and the fact that any freeware you download has those sneaky little opt out of Chrome thingies hidden in it. Twice I have had to obliterate Chrome from my wife’s PC because Chrome was installed without her catching it. Google Chrome is supposed to be the market leader by size but I wonder how much of their base has been acquired by trickery

I recommend by the way doing away with anything Google since they have a desire to destroy any privacy you wish to have and replace it with a society that is driven and controlled entirely by nice honest people like them. Get in your automated Google car with no brake pedals or steering wheels and ask yourself who really is in charge here and hope a hacker does not mess with you. Hackers for you civil liberty type come in two flavors both criminal types inside and outside of government and all want your stuff and or your freedoms. Firefox is not an egregious offender in this area. DuckDuckGo is a search engine I use more and more. They are privacy minded and as far as I can tell do no data mining and keep no records. Because of this their results are becoming more and more accurate while Google is becoming more and more a place that sends you where they think they can make money off of you. The quality of results on searches from Google for me have been going downhill for some time now. I often give up after two or three pages and wonder just how so much junk with no bearing on what I typed in shows up.

Anyway back to the topic at hand which is more clueless Siemens Corporate inspired stupidity. I have more trouble with websites under the inspired hands and minds of Siemens Marketing and PR than all the other CADCAM companies combined. It is because they do not care enough about what you think of them to worry about what you see. So today using Firefox I go to Novedge for the first time this week and see an article on Synchronous adoption at a company and how they did it. I like SE ST so I go there to have a look as why people are not immediately drawn to ST as either an old history based hand or a newbie and how this company made it work. So with my #3 market share in size browser I click on the link and get this.

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 19 05.53

So whats up guys, no money in the budget to fix things before you put it out there or no desire to fix things? I get very tired of constantly turning around and finding yet another careless and slipshod bit of work that exemplifies the attitude that emanates from German Siemens Corporate types and results in what we see at ground level. Evidently far under the lofty plateau of inspired and correct management who see things as they should be we basement dwelling dirt worm user types should be grateful they do anything at all.

I have another picture today that sums up quite well the Siemens corporate attitude towards SE.

redhead with target

From yet another purported spycam somewhere in Siemens Germanyland where wise policies are made we have another form of decision-making dart boards. This one is only for big wheels though and uses live people and products to stick darts in. Can you ever imagine that life as the SE red-headed step child is ever fun or exciting?

Here, let me help you Siemens Doofuses out. I have a suggested line of SE items you can sell to help with your aggressive marketing policies and strategies implemented daily for SE. Perhaps Siemens Corporate could even set up an SE boosters booth at the next SEU.

bullseye cap

bullseye cup

bullseye tote bag

bullseye apron

I wonder just what others who could be customers for SE think when they watch such incompetent and bungling management from Germany. I happen to know it is by the way because I personally know the people who lead SE and they are totally competent and dedicated. They don’t talk to me anymore because I suppose I have become radioactive. I don’t think it is because I am wrong but rather it is that they have to duck under the German radar that pays them so I am off the plantation. It IS those above them that tie their hands and I just don’t get it. I know, lets have more MEETINGS whoopee!!!!!! Gertrude, where is the SE dart board guy, we have some important decisions to debate again.

I will say this. For those of you who wonder why the rants all the time. There is a ton of stuff that has happened to me personally and a lot of things I know but can’t talk about because employees would get into trouble. I fear I have already unmeaningly done so to some of them. So I avoid specifics now that could be identifiers. But do any of you wonder just why the biggest fan of SE has become a detractor? Now understand I and can’t stress this enough. The program I am in love with and I believe SE is the best mid range MCAD program bar none. It is the Siemens Corporate crap that has totally put me on the offense. It is the environment SE has to live in that infuriates me. No wonder the blogosphere for SE has basically been nonexistent for many years. Outside of Matt Lombard and Tushar Suradkars blogs not much goes on and they are both paid to do it. It is a serious and damning indictment of the way Siemens handles things that there are now NO active unpaid bloggers for SE except for me and I am not exactly talking positively about them anymore. They claim all this market share but have no worthwhile public face.

Buy Solid Edge because it works for you. Not because Siemens will work for you as a customer to see market growth you can benefit from. May I suggest you get the Coffee cup? It will look good and be far more useful than Siemens corporate and it can be your daily companion as you toil away designing.

5 responses to “Siemens Solid Edge German Controllers Doofus Update

  1. I don’t think Solid Edge ever benefited from being the crazy little cousin of NX while they were part of UG either. UG was just doing a little me too thing by getting Edge after Catia bought up SW.

    • I agree only then it was partly the venture capitalists milking the company for money that caused some of it. However the NX and PLM World people don’t have much use for SE and it clearly is an inferior product to them. When the poor disadvantaged SE user steps into the room you are formally polite to him and leave as quickly as you can to get away from him. I base this on how I personally observed how UGS and PLM World dealt with SE users. Running every SE session at PLM World in 2009 was a real eye opener. And now these Siemens people continue this fine tradition.

      Apparently the huge income numbers from SW which they could have had don’t mean anything to them.

  2. The US Management of SE should resign en-mass. If they won’t then they are just as culpable as the SIEMENS corporate honchos who are literally leaving millions of dollars on the table and providing poor service on top of it. Their mindset is why SIEMENS CNC Controls appear as if they were designed by Rube Goldberg. If SIEMENS thinks NX is the end all and be all for CAD/CAM then they’ll be beating the horse long after it’s dead. There is no special reason to purchase NX over any other system on the market.
    On the CAM side, SIEMENS has lots of work to do to catch up to the mid-range systems that it claims it outperforms. It seems that SIEMENS has contracted the same disease that Dassault did. They sell maintenance contracts. They no longer sell software they actually stand behind.
    You purchase something that is implicitly acknowledged as broken when you buy and you have to purchase maintenance to get the fixes.
    There is something decidedly unethical about that way of doing business.

    • Hi Tim,
      I can’t comment about NX Cam because I don’t know anything about it. I will say though that CAM programs are a mystery to me as to why they all have problems some that seem to drag on for years and they are not cheap. I do know that reading the beefs about NX CAM on the Siemens BBS closed forums was an eye opener. Lots of complaints for such a powerful and supposedly mature program. It gets back to the idea that NONE of these CAM companies provide great bullet proof stuff and as long as they all continue to have problems and that is the level playing field they will continue to get away with it.

      One of the things that intrigues me about HSMWorks is their pace of bug fixes and improvements. It is pretty rapid and they don’t make you wait for half a year to get them. Go to their web site and see HSMWorks downloads and then development version downloads and they are adding new things each week. Official vetted and tested to their QA standard versions seem to be at least four or five times a year. They act like they want you as customers unlike most others. I am beginning to think that Autodesk is going to A, not force people to the cloud and B, aggressively improve their offerings and make it affordable compared to the rest and then C, proceed to eat the lunches of Siemens and Dassault.

      Sorry, I disagree about all the SE guys quitting because they are the problems It is not the way they want it and they told Ralph Grabowski while he was onstage with the big wheels at SEU2014 that Germany was the problem and stops lots of good things dead in their tracks. I think eventually some of these guys will leave when their contracts are up because of the attitude they must labor under to continue to be Siemens employees. The failure of SE to thrive in the market place is solely the burden to bear of Siemens Corporate where all good things can and are killed. If these idiots ever start messing with the technical side of SE it will be all over and can you then say Dassault Two.

  3. Tim,
    I would strongly disagree with you comment that “there is no special reason to purchase NX over any other system on the market.” If you were to solely base that comment on the ability to build a single prismatic solid I might accept that comment. But if you look at the ability to have a complete integrated system from ID to closed loop quality your comment is plain wrong.
    I mean look at the fanfare when SE got think about having integrated CAM, CAE, mold design, progressive die design, metrology, etc. The list just goes on. There is a reason to by NX over many, if not all, the other systems- integrated solutions!
    Disclaimer: I do represent a reseller selling both product lines.

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