Solid Edge University 2014 Update

It is with a great deal of regret and sadness that I announce that I will not be going to SEU this year so you will have to tune into other venues for updates about Solid Edge. I hear there will be good things to see there so if you have a chance to go consider it. The incentives are all gone though so it will be full ticket for everything and none of the goodies that expired at the end of April. I am a huge fan of Solid Edge and believe it to be the best midrange MCAD program out there. If you don’t know about it and you earn a living designing parts you are only hurting yourself.

Due to ancillary things that have nothing to do with this most capable program itself rather than spending my own money again for everything I have elected instead to earn some and will be working. All I am going to say here is that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

I have had updates with Camworks because I am involved in the process and as more information becomes available that I can talk about I will. Suffice it to say that the SP2 update with assemblies has been delayed and the Geometric guys are working feverishly to get this done. The choice was made to fix some stuff rather than release something not quite right and it is turning out to be more complicated than they thought it would be. They are also of course working on the Job Shop tech Data Base and making good progress there. We had an update discussion last Friday about this and I will say without a doubt that the right things are being done as quickly as they can do it.

I wish to give a little tribute to Rick Mason from Australia. He was at the very first Solid Edge V1 rollout with Kim Corbridge and has been with the program since. Rick has been a major contributor with his ability to use SE and has been willing to pass his knowledge along to anyone who is interested. “Ricks Rules”, a methodology for robust ordered modeling I have personally heard mentioned with reverence by some of the programmers in Huntsville. Rick is also proof that ordered Dinosaurs can learn to feel the Synchronous love with a little effort 🙂 Sorry to miss your “Blunder Down Under” last appearance at the main SE events and wish you the best of everything.

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