Huntsville User Group Embarking on New direction

For those of you in the surrounding Huntsville area we are going to try something out. In pursuit of both academic and professional users starting on 4-17-14 we will be having monthly meetings for the next year in order to determine interest in this. We are going to run this from 4:00 until 7:00 pm allowing for both students and people earning a living to swing by and avoid rush hour traffic. WHAT a deal. Learn, eat pizza, avoid rush hour and be a part of the local user network as we start things up in a far more serious manner.

This first meeting is I know short notice but be aware that this will be every month now for the next year. There will be an hour or more on using Synchronous, tips and tricks and of course meeting each other as we consume vast quantities of health food. A mailer will be going out to those who have attended here before and for those of you who are not on this list and interested please leave a comment here and I will get your spot saved.

This will be at the Siemens SE headquarters in the first floor conference rooms as usual and you never know who might pop in. 675 Discovery Dr NW #100, Huntsville, AL 35806 is the address.


2 responses to “Huntsville User Group Embarking on New direction

  1. Sometimes I feel like we’re is the only SE users in the whole 5 boroughs of NYC. It would be great to get a user group in this area.

    • Hi Larry,
      It has been a failure of Siemens, SE and the VAR’s to connect the dots. There are a number of SE users everywhere but how do you find each other when there is no central clearing house for that information to be distributed amongst users? This has been a periodic topic brought up over the years with no satisfactory results and I am glad you mention this. There is no user community to speak of besides the annual Universities because Siemens and SE have chosen it to be this way. It all has to start with them FIRST. Part of arch rival SolidWorks success story has been based upon the idea of community and creating a desire with users to be involved. A decision was made at some point to pursue this and they have consistently done this year after year without relenting and we see the results. But it was not spontaneous and SW had to buy seeds and fertilizer and like any good farmer cultivate their user crop every year whether there was a drought or not. They MADE it grow with consistent multi-year planning and expenditures. The road map of proven success for this is in the SW model and any company can do the same if they determine it is worth it.

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