Holy Cow Batman, FREE 3D SYNC !

OK you fence sitters and other type individuals debating going to SEU2014 listen up. Just in my email as I arrive home is…..

Solid Edge University 2014
May 12-14
Atlanta, GA

April fools? Not by a longshot. Until April 30, get 3DSync free with your paid registration for Solid Edge University 2014!

Until April 30, 2014, with each paid customer registration for the Solid Edge University 2014 event being held May 12th–14th in Atlanta, Siemens PLM Software is offering a free copy of 3DSync, powerful 3D editing software for many 3D CAD formats (a $1,995 USD value).

Advantages of 3DSync and Solid Edge University

3DSync provides you access to a re-imagined way to edit your 3D CAD designs
Solid Edge University provides you with the knowledge that you need to understand the full implications of where re-imagined design can take you

Remember, you must be a Solid Edge® software customer and pay for registration to Solid Edge University by April 30, 2014, in order to be eligible for this offer. If you haven’t already registered, http://app.siemensplmevents.com/e/er?stc=wwiia420000&s=955&lid=3667&elq=522984db80ad472c9002ddcae0ee6f60

☐ Yes. Please put my company on the list to receive a free copy of 3DSync. http://app.siemensplmevents.com/e/er?stc=wwiia420000&s=955&lid=3667&elq=522984db80ad472c9002ddcae0ee6f60

Register two colleagues from your company and receive a third registration FREE. The 3 for 2 conference pass allows 3 people from the same company to attend for the cost of 2.

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