Aspire to be the SEU 2014 “Downunder Blunder Wunder”

Cat design problem

Yes there you are, two designs and one of them is problematical. So you get to figure this out because it is your job to. Which is which? At SEU2014 there will be competition for the esteemed title of Downunder Blunder Wunder. Go here for more information on this.

What I want to do is give a little more background on Rick Mason who is the creator of this and the presenter. Rick goes all the way back to V1 of Solid Edge. I don’t recall any other individual I have met who can claim this except some of the developers with SE who came with SE all the way from Integraph days to now. Rick has been quite active in the past as an advocate for SE and more importantly doing footwork that benefited users. Rick’s Rules is still mentioned on occasion by developers in Huntsville as a seminal work on how to properly do sketching so things work predictably and reliably.

I first knew Rick back when I was an unwelcome disruptive influence at the then very insular BBS forum. Remember those days Rick? 🙂 He was one of the leaders and chastised me for improper topics and also my silliness for believing in ST. But things change and I have to say that over the last five years it has been my pleasure to know him and watch his opposition to ST morph into acceptance and indeed endorsement. He is perhaps one of the most knowledgable users of SE for the practical side of how to do things in fool-proof ways and I always listen to what he has to say. Sadly I hear that Rick is thinking about retirement and that this may be his last showing at the annual SE event.

I can tell you he is always engaging and well worth your time to attend anything he is involved in. I fully expect that this contest will not only be challenging but knowing Rick will be instructional as well. Have fun and learn and be there. Anything Rick is involved in will be worth your time and if I show up I am most certainly going to see this one.

Thanks for your time and dedication over the years working with users Rick and if this is your last time here all I can say is you leave a pair of big empty shoes that will be hard to fill.

PS. By the way, these are not Ricks cats and no animals were hurt while sunbathing in his back yard.

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