Retired And Bored, What To Do?

There are some videos you run across by accident that can be quite amusing at times. I live right next to my shop and so travel will never be a problem to get to work. Or to the play room when I get around to semi retirement. It is my goal in the next few years to develop a few lines of manufactured goods and hire a few people to do this so that I will not have to be here all the time. Now with this new-found free time what to do?

Men are quite free compared to women. For instance I can bet your wife has asked you when will you ever grow up as her eyes roll backwards and that expression of smug superiority is put in place. Admit it now. If it has not happened yet and you have a sense of humor and a lighthearted outlook on life your day is coming too when you will be asked to artificially age your mind to match your body. It is just a women thing I guess and they think you need to get all serious and grown up just like they are. But here is my reply to this nearly universal, I fear, womanly request. A request which I suspect is ignored in most cases and for sure in mine.

I want to build one of these and invite the grandchildren over. Check out the treasure this guy has for a wife as she assists the launch and overcomes her maturity straightjacket 🙂

2 responses to “Retired And Bored, What To Do?

  1. That looks like fun. Its not clear to me how it has forward motion though.(?)

    I am slightly worried because this does look like something that might be used to give SW users a hair cut in the wrong hands. Mr Aircraft, Serge Dassault seems to be quite active in his latter years….

    >French industrialist and senator Serge Dassault, the billionaire manufacturer of fighter jets, is in custody for alleged vote buying in his former fiefdom east of Paris.
    The 88-year-old is suspected of buying votes in Corbeil-Essonnes, east of Paris, where he was formerly mayor.
    He has been accused of running the suburb like a mafia don.
    The vote-buying investigation has been linked – by the media but not publicly by the judges – to two shootings which took place in Corbeil last year and are considered by police to have been attempted murders.

    I guess SW users know where our subs money is really going LOL

    • I can’t figure this lawn mower out either. No comment on the French guys. They are strange and I don’t get them either but they aren’t funny like the lawnmower.

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