Chris Kelley and Jeff Nercesian, Are They the Reason for Abject SE Marketing Failure?

First off as we see another year pass I see a continued failure to communicate the Solid Edge message effectively. There are individuals who are ostensibly in charge of this and I will say the following two by their job titles are most responsible for the current problems and in particular the one I am going to reflect upon today.

Just so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind in my opinion they are they are Chris Kelley, Senior Director of Online Marketing and Customer Advocacy; (and in my opinion the one responsible for the industries worst websites as proven in one of my earlier posts) and Jeff Nercesian, Senior Director of Campaign and Content Strategy. I have nothing but utter contempt for how these job categories they fill, by virtue of the checks they get, delivers so little of worth that I can see. I invite any of these marketing and PR people I talk about to come here and defend what they do. I would really like to hear their justifications for why nothing ever moves forward while whole departments of people suck up money and produce so little.

YouTube is perhaps the most powerful training and communicating tool out there for anything from why does your laptop overheat to how do you machine a part in a CAM program. It is all there to a larger degree than anywhere else and the price is right for viewers. The price is also right for those who want to get their videos in the public eye as their cost is free to.The very first place I recommend people to go to for information that has no tech support hours limitations or “training” price tags is YouTube. One of the remarkable things about YouTube videos in the area of CAD CAM is the idea that people just like you, fellow users in many cases, are the ones doing the content. A little rough around the edges perhaps and I know in my case there are times where after about the twentieth try for perfection I am not going to do it again and you get what you get warts and all. I just don’t leave big ugly warts in there. But my point is that I and many others do this from a users perspective and I have to believe that this is different in significant ways from a polished professional VAR or Corporate video. We tend to bring things up that these slick guys don’t because we don’t assume you have knowledge you don’t have.

One of the new features in SE ST6 was the inclusion of a video tool that would allow you to create a video of what you are doing in SE and then upload it to YouTube. I figured it would not be a popular tool initially but one that would see use by enough users to kick something off. Lets face it, the SE community is still barely in existence outside of the annual Universities and the regional Summits. It never gets enough sustained watering and concentrated fertilization for it to fly. I thought this YouTube video idea could be a contributing factor towards the idea of community but then I am not in charge.

This is where the consummate idea killers mentioned above come in. This is also a perfect example of how Siemens or SE or whoever beyond these two can take a good idea and wring all the goodness out of it and then stand there and be proud of what they have done. So we have this video feature, this wonderful tool of communication and community building and it just sits there. All the money and time spent to get this far and these people can’t see that without the final piece they might as well have thrown their money away. You see you can build something but if no one comes was it worth it? These sterile minded corporate petri dish culture meeting infested do nothing but talk types never have figured out the rest of the job. The user centric part that for instance Mr Super Social Media Kelly ought to understand. You need to create interest. OK Chris I repeat since I know once is not enough that YOU NEED TO CREATE INTEREST! Create it as in make it happen as in do something right as in stop talking and start doing.

If it were me I would announce that there are various levels of awards up to free transportation and attendance and your minute of fame as best contributing Video Author for the year at each University. I would give a few students and professional users a years worth of maintainance or equivalent gift card if the seat they use is not theirs. But you get my idea. I would offer incentives both cash and status for these and kickstart this. And this would happen every year and be perhaps part of an award ceremony or whatever where community minded contributors of various types would be recognized. Just like SW does and they have proven these things to be solid seat count builders. This pair I guess figure you wave a magic wand once and go away. Truthfully it is worse than that. What I think happened is these guys did something all the while resenting having to actually have to do something and as soon as they can they get out of any involvement with it they do so. How else can I explain the perplexing total lack of followup on a good idea to MAKE SURE it works by people who brag about being in touch with users and what makes them tick. And the job titles this pair have say exactly that and so I say this.

You two have taken a great idea and once again with the PR boost of SEU2013 announcing it you have done your best to ignore it and kill it. Do either of you have any desire to be on a victorious team or is it your goal to draw a paycheck with the least possible amount of effort? Do either of you desire to have pride in work well done from concept to finish line or is this type of stuff something forced upon you by evil bosses who somehow thought you were supposed to actually competently do things for your wages without having a baby sitter or chastising parent looking over your shoulder at all times. I really think of you people this way because I have seen the pattern of panic for three years now leading up to SEU and then the sighs of relief as it passes and you all think you are off the productivity hook for another nine months. You people are completely clueless about the level of enthusiasm required for your job positions and I can say so with confidence this is the way you like it. Enthusiasm requires work and dedication and manifests itself with well laid plans and follow throughs that never rest until the goals are met or exceeded. You guys run for the water cooler as soon as you can. Always reasons why things can’t be done and never a determination to make it happen.

I am of the opinion that it is too late to salvage some of these employees. Time is running out for easy SE market share conquests and these quintessential bureaucrats have squandered it. For too many years they have been trained by virtue of getting paid that what they do has been OK. I don’t think they are capable of promoting users, the community or Solid Edge and since that is their job description, and they refuse to do so, I think it is time to start letting some dead wood go. These people can’t grasp that they are hurting every part of the SE effort and truly the bottom line by I figure well over $125M in easily derived lost sales potential. I am being to kind here. It is not a matter of not grasping. They are adults who make choices and they choose the cold clammy strangling hands of evasion of duty by smothering it all in meetings where every good thing can be killed with persistence and paychecks still obtained.

I can only conclude that they choose this mediocre outcome because they like this outcome and they evidently fight to preserve this outcome because nothing ever seemingly changes. Corporate welfare I guess for those who wont work or can’t work or are incapable of working. Siemens/SE, if you won’t fire these guys can you at least move them sideways into a closet somewhere where they can’t do all this damage? Let them take their name tags but not their people and put them in isolation before they cost you many more millions.

4 responses to “Chris Kelley and Jeff Nercesian, Are They the Reason for Abject SE Marketing Failure?

  1. From the outside it is certainly very puzzling why Siemens choose to give SE such a poor profile. Its only because I have been hanging around Matt’s and your blog a bit I’ve found out SE is quite capable and that I shouldn’t be put off by Siemens disinterest in its own wares.
    I would have thought SW user dissatisfaction with DS over the last week could have been anticipated and it would have been an opportunity to at least wave the flag a little bit but no…and I’m really commenting on this in a neutral regard.
    I hope you keep raising the issue Dave and something comes about, but like death and taxes, I half afraid that substandard marketing of SE might be always with us.

    • Hi Neil,
      It is utter and total insanity and I intend to make life a little more interesting for these incompetents. I had two rather lengthy posts on this topic that I elected to send instead to certain individuals inside of Siemens to establish my case for why these individuals just need to go. I still have them of course and depending on what I find out in the near future I may still run them. I like SE and I am on the soft wares side but these total management PR and Publicity idiots have to go.

      On the flip side there is a guy with Solid Edge who looks at the disintegration of rational thought over at SW due to interference from Dassault. From corporate Catia types who have no idea what makes SW users tick and why any more than smug hoity toity PLM World Siemens NX types know what makes SE users tick. They are complete and separate worlds. The SE guy is kind of laughing at the SW guys who are having to deal with this corporate stupidity now just like he has had to for years.

      I was thinking about what you said Neil and logged back in to say this. Anticipated yes. Just like Carl Bass and Autodesk did with the ads on Josh Mings blog with all the reads and the super bowl FEA air analysis stuff Autodesk did and a few days later the announcement of 250M in software contributions to get the word out. These Siemens idiots had three years of grace to pursue SW and did not and now they have to fight off Autodesk’s plans of CADCAM domination IN ADDITION to beating SW. The heck with it, I am going to run the one post now because it just needs to be out there and the other just may appear tomorrow.

  2. David Taylor fires managers when they “make too much money” !!!! Someone needs to tell Siemens CEO! This is an exact quote – “you make too much money” – this is illegal in the U.S. If only SE’s CEO knew about this jerk – oh – and his lap dog Jeffrey Armen Nercesian – what a pathetic human being – he does the “dirty work” for Taylor.

    • I have no idea of the veracity of this comment. However I allowed it anyway and if you Siemens guys don’t like it chase the poster. When it comes to Siemens I tend to think they have a ton of garbage to haul.

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