Dell Shows Appreciation for Autodesk and Dassault Cloud Efforts

I like to look at workstations even if I am not in the market for one. You never know when some new deal will come out that compels you to reconsider. Like the new Dell M3800 and M4800 Laptops with available 15.6″ UltraSharp QHD+ (3200×1800) Wide View Anti-Glare LED-backlit screens. I think I would like to see one of these. But perusing the site today led to some other not so pleasant discoveries.

It is and has been my position for a few years now ever since Dassault began its drive to force users to the cloud plantation that the CAD CAM software authoring companies that do this are duplicitous and do not have a shred of moral concern for their customers. And of course add to this now the whole line of Autodesk products and the comments from Carl Bass regarding his goals of moving it all there for Autodesk products. I don’t know if Dassault is just so incompetent that they can’t produce more than they have to showcase their efforts at tyranny. To date what has really made it to the marketplace after years of effort? And coming up at the SWW 2014 End Of Life convention supposedly the new CAD utopia of Mechanical Conceptual will be revealed in all it’s glory. Late of course and no one has seen any previews of this wonder. I have images in my mind of Charles standing there on stage, just like another individual did at the COFFES conference a while back, and being subjected to software or cloud failure to perform as touted. This to an audience that did not ask for their yearly subscription monies to be abrogated to such a thing they neither asked for nor wanted. This has all been mentioned before but it bears repeating because it is a direct indicator of the competence of Dassault to create a new paradigm and it is also a multi-year indicator of their contempt for customers futures that they would be willing to put those who would continue to use Dassault products at risk.

Autodesk has come further in a much shorter time than Dassault based upon products that are actually out there and available for beta testers and pretty much whom so ever is interested can be one. Unlike the sworn to secrecy small group of beta selectees Dassault has. So Autodesk is making an honest effort to show beforehand what they are producing and how it will work. In addition they are purchasing relevant programs essential to CAD and CAM creation like HSMWorks and Delcam which may give them critical mass for forcing enough people into the cloud that they will succeed in this effort. I give kudos to Carl Bass and Autodesk for being upfront about their goals and transparent about what they are doing. Based upon this if I had to make a choice between Dassault and Autodesk for the cloud I would choose Autodesk in a heart beat. Their problem is that albatross Inventor which from all I hear is the bottom of the barrel in midrange MCAD.

But the two big things both of these companies are guilty of is A, they know what they propose to do to you can’t be made secure so no guarantees of security and no indemnification for you the buyer and B, they NEVER talk about all the additional costs you will incur here over time above what you are currently spending. I would also add that neither will guarantee you that you will never become data hostages to them. Neither have done so and they are not intending to do so. You have to become chattel for all this to pay off for them.

Dell is going to help establish the nature of the fraud of the cloud claims to cheaper better faster multi-unlimited core compute power no IT staff auto-updating cloud computing Nirvana. Dell has a new product suite out there for the cloud. I guess they figure either enough companies will be forced into the cloud by people like Dassault and Autodesk that there will be a market for cloud security. Maybe they figure that all this cloud junk is going to appeal to enough C-Suite types who figure it sounds good and all they have to do is wave a magic cloud wand at their computing infrastructure and all will be well as they fire tons of staff and save gobs of money. (As an aside here heaven only knows MBA CPA C-Suite types have not been known for prudent long-term planning beyond 90 day stock market manipulation time frames. Kind of like these idiots fire all their American workers and move jobs to China and then lobby Congress for illegals to be allowed to replace American citizen labor. And then they have the unmitigated gall to complain of dwindling sales here as people run out of money. Gosh, just when they thought they had invented a new way where actions would not produce negative reactions and now no one has money to buy their stuff. I have such utter contempt for these short-sighted idiots that it is hard for me to adequately describe it. Unless manufacturing is brought back to the USA by a different class of manager we will become has beens. You can’t be a prosperous large middle class world power without manufacturing. Something this guy Henry Ford understood so well and MBA CPA pillage and plunder morons have no clue of.) Dells new offering is called Sonic Wall.

Never let it be said that Dell marketing can’t speak tongue in cheek and my favorite of their new offerings is, I kid you not, the “SonicWALL NSA 220”. No double entendre implied intent there I am sure and the NSA stands for Network Security Appliance.

Here is further info on this family of devices and services.

Dell is telling all of you who care to think about what is happening that the internet is fraught with danger and that companies like Dassault and Autodesk are perpetrating huge risks on you the more you have to use the web for critical data in your business. Not that you would ever be in jeapordy of losing irreplacable IP on-line right? Just ask to see the indemnification and guarantees of security from Dassault and Autodesk as proof of their confidence in their own products.

No costs added to you dear customer is our Dassault Autodesk cloud pledge. So lets see here. I want to buy a Dell Precision T3610 with decent ram and graphics that would cover most users. But look at the new options. This NSA whiz bang thing adds 60% to the cost of the workstation.

Sonic Wall Dell cost for t3610

Then you have another category of Dell Cloud Clients.

Dell Cloud clients

If you dear reader care to look around you will find a lot of evidence of ancillary costs that will be incurred in so many ways if you are ever foolish enough to relinquish your destiny and control to those who would demand you work on the cloud for your business. Specifically here I am addressing primarily CAD and CAM users. This class of individuals and companies who can never be made whole from security breaches unlike financial transactions where damage is finite and amounts provable and reimbursements occur. How do you calculate the damages from a product that you have spent three years developing only to see your IP being manufactured by a country like China before you released it yourself? I can see Dassault and Autodesk trotting out their weasel words lawyers who would then say things like “Your Honor, there is no proven track record of sales by Company X for them to base their claims of damages on” in a case like this. This is the degree of honesty I think cloud perpetrators bring to the table and then want you to sit still for it. “And further your Honor this company signed an agreement not to hold us liable for anything as a condition of use and we move for dismissal”. And it will be dismissed because the lawyer weasel words are there and you did sign on.

So as the SWW 2013 EOL convention nears I think it is appropriate to consider the honesty and integrity of Dassault and the individuals that will be presenting the future of Dassault and SW to the attendees. I expect a lot of people to leave there contemplating where they are going to go to avoid this thankless future that Charles is going to present to them.

10 responses to “Dell Shows Appreciation for Autodesk and Dassault Cloud Efforts

  1. Aside from your valid posts running down DS + Autodesk cloud endeavours I would like to see Siemens run a positive campaign during SWW. Go park a semi trailer outside the venue with a SE display/demos inside and some large colourful signage with messages like ‘SE the home of parasolid’ or ‘SE the original alternative’ or ‘SE no candy floss here’ or such. Co- ordinate with Matts cross-over blog to run some informative articles for a new group of door slammers over the next couple of weeks. Do I think they would do that? Nope. Matts busy for the next month elsewhere and besides the site is broken…. Sleep on SE marketing.
    Btw Dave I hate to say it but I see another distinct leg down for the US rather than a come back. In fact there may never be one unfortunately.

    • Hi Neil,
      I think in some ways there is an closed door agreement between companies to not do certain things. One of them is for instance direct comparisons. You will never see an official direct editing comparison from SW regarding SE
      nor an SE one regarding SW. In some ways I can understand this as depending on what part you pick you can gerrymander results to favor yourself and then the PR battle is on. (I however don’t have those restraints which is why I picked some and did a comparison and used their basic parts to do it with and I figure it was a true apple to apple comparison.) I have the freedom to say it like I see it and I guess the big guys feel they don’t.

      The mindset of the SE leaders I talk to is to put examples out there of SE and direct editing and let the proof of capabilities be drawn that way. Where this fails is when the people who are supposed to implement this never seem to get around to it and the ones over them never fire them. Most all of the publicity people have been here for like 12 years or more and they have been paid all this time for crap. I think they believe this is the way they are supposed to act and sadly maybe they are right. They are still there, still mediocre at best and can rely on canned recycled garbage and earn a check and no one makes them earn a living based on being measurably productive. They would not want me for their boss. I think the trailer idea while amusing may be a bit tacky. But yes they should be doing a lot more and they are not sleeping they are comatose. It really makes me mad. A Siemens individual and I were talking about this the other day and we both think if Siemens would have done things right they would be neck and neck with SW right now for sales if not total seat counts too. We can’t grasp why this is the way it is. I figure that retaining these marketing and publicity idiots and such a niggardly budget that Siemens has cost itself perhaps $100,000,000.00 in lost sales. Is this an unrealistic number? 10,000 times $6900.00 which is the price of a seat of SE Classic is $69,000,000.00 so this is not an unrealistic number after all is it. They could have had that and much more but perpetuating minor fiefdoms of idiocy has prevailed and I wonder if anyone has ever sat down and calculated the cost of retaining incompetents and inept policies. But then I am not qualified for upper management and I suppose it is a failure on my part to understand why lost sales potential is beneficial.

      The whole world may be heading for trouble. There is over capacity in all areas of manufacturing. Even in China labor is becoming to expensive. When enough robots replace workers in a growing world population and jobs decrease because so much will be automated in the future just what will the standard of living be? I don’t think I miss the thought of being around this old world 30 years from now. I don’t believe I would like it at all. But for now the US is bringing manufacturing back to increasingly automated factories where labor is not such a large part of the equation any more. I plan on being one of the guys that makes the robots work and tell my grandchildren to do the same.

  2. Yup I agree robotics have a ways to go, and not just for manufacturing.
    Technical and maintenance skills will always be needed but you can’t have 100 million flipping burgers or doing nothing and living under bushes while that goes on for a few. Some large problems need to be tackled and I dont see anyone trying yet.
    Tacky? I don’t know…obnoxious maybe…in the past yes when belief in SW was robust but today perhaps its maybe like a social service like passing out free condoms at a fringe festival. A stream of flat spirited people filing out of a SWW keynote might be receptive to a brochure, a cup of coffee and a sympathetic chat…dunno. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Say Neil, are you considering starting up an SW Anonymous group?

      • Sounds like a noble calling Dave, however SW users are an anonymous group already as far as offering resistance to corporate rent-seeking is concerned. Perhaps you didn’t realise they exist already, because they have been so successful. Honestly I don’t think I could teach them anything….. Might be kind of unforfilling to be leading a group meeting where people practice being anonymous. Also how would new people know where we meet? Woody Allen could carry this off with style I am sure but the worst thing that could happen by far as I am concerned would to become well known now for leading an anonymous group.

      • Well I was thinking along the lines of Alcoholics Anonymous where you group together to swear off of something that has become bad to you.

      • I see, ok so… it is true we Solidworks users are men and women who have lost control our of program. We know that no cloud user ever recovers control of anything, data, wallets, bowels, the lot, kaput. All of us felt at times that we were retaining control, but such intervals – usually brief and attributed to DS marketing redirections- were inevitably followed by still more unguarded ranting and air gestures, which led in time to still more pitiful expressions of incomprehensible de-moralisation….

      • See, I knew you had it in you ๐Ÿ™‚

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