SW End of Life Indicators 2014, Here You go Evan

I see there is a session on Direct Editing at SW 2014 EOL convention. Those who think it is going to be serene sailing for SW users in the future might like to read this and it is a harbinger of the migration away from SW traditional to come. Cue up the R.E.M. song “End of the World as you know it” at this time please. Brought to you courtesy of CGM and Paris for your future delight. Now I looked just for direct editing as a session topic on the 2014 agenda and stopped at the first one I found. I have no idea what the content is in any other session but I wonder how many will be touting the new way. By the way, can I ask why they are not doing this in SW Traditional? For your viewing pleasure we have…….

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 03 09.54

2 responses to “SW End of Life Indicators 2014, Here You go Evan

  1. …seems like Evan might be lost in the snow and unable to reply… should we go and look for him do you think?

    • Nah, I think Evan is just a busy guy. He posts his opinions and goes and may not be back. By the way he would more than likely be frozen and not snowed in this week. With wind chills factored in tonight Nashville TN will be around -10F and Chicago could be as low as -50F.

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