Dassault’s SolidWorks End of Life 2014 Cloud Poster Boy

Sometimes you see something that is just so Freudian that you bust out laughing and asking yourself what could they have been thinking? And then you reflect upon the truth behind the phrase “Freudian Moment” I have long been an opponent of cloud based software for the sake of users and useability. Technically it is an impossibility for probably 99% plus of all CADCAM users for instance to achieve anything even remotely close to the power and speed that resides on their own desktop. Still the propaganda machines from Dassault and Autodesk churn on in their efforts to fool C-Suite execs into believing this junk. Personally speaking I don’t know a single user who wants to go to the cloud for this.

And security, can we talk about security for just a second here? Really it is all it will take and it is why Autodesk and Dassault will not indemnify you for anything online. It is why 40,000,000 Target users have had their “secure” online data hacked as the news reveals this week. Oh, and NSA and honest politicians and bureaucrats that would NEVER use your confidential information against you or sell it to your competitors, right? You know of other stories to. IP is different though and just how will you get reimbursed from Dassault or Autodesk when they trash your stuff? How do you even find out your data was stolen until it shows up in products from China? Considering that the first person to file a patent wins can you perhaps see the potential for NSA to become a clearing house for IP transfer to crony capitalist’s? The single common allowing mechanism for this to be possible is if you buy into these cloud only schemes. Follow the money I have been told and as far as I am concerned this is all about putting users into forced chattel situations where they end up spending more money with Dassault or Autodesk, not to mention other uncontrollable costs from data caps at ISP’s, and an effort to end piracy by in part punishing honest users to solve the theft problem. And it reveals the contempt these people have for you and your company that they would force this and then not indemnify you.

So, let us venture forth into Dassault’s priceless Freudian Moment and regard the future face of data loss as this poor guy’s internet stuff blows up in his face. This is from the current Dassault splash page.

Dassault splash screen

Is this not priceless 😉

UPDATE Today this at SW forums forwarded to me. https://forum.solidworks.com/message/399992 Mark Biasotti, Senior Product Manager for SolidWorks has left the corporation and he joins a long list of those who made SW great in departing the Paris Feifdom.

4 responses to “Dassault’s SolidWorks End of Life 2014 Cloud Poster Boy

  1. I am not sure why you would want to go to the DS website to discover this.. I’ve only looked in there about 3 times in the last 10 years. Come to think of it I hardly go to SW website these days either except to check up on an old thread about an .obj export macro I co- authored. Quite sad how the old SW magic has decayed. Recently Mark Biasotti posted details on the user forum of a promotional movie they were making for SW in 2011 that never saw the light of day. It was like something from a bygone era. SW has certainly lost its mojo under DS direction or I suppose to be accurate it was purposely buried. French culture is naturally so much better (by far) you can just do stuff like that..totally kill your marketing legacy. Perhaps the fellow in the advert has come across an archive from the golden old days of SW and is taken aback to discover how forfilling life was before social media crippled the world.
    The time though is drawing near for the big SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual reveal (had to write that appauling marketing name in full just for the hell of it). Febuary/March wasnt it? I lost track…several times actually… -that is unless it gets put back yet again. Probably that would kill any credibility regardless of any useful attributes it had.
    Be interesting to see how the launch goes and what the response of the faithful is. Possibly Bernard launches it from atop an iceberg towed to the Riviera while the Concorde does a barrel roll overhead…. Given we are most likely heading for a stock market crash of the order of 25% in the following months the event I do wonder if the great cloud solution will kind of just fizzle out being the wrong product at the wrong time. Perhaps however it will be unexpectedly successful but by default because renting will be all we can afford, those of us still in business.
    Anyway a Merry Xmas to you Dave. 😉

    • Hi Neil’
      I went there as well as other CAD and CAM sites to see how well they were done. I am considering posting on how poorly the web stuff is done for Siemens compared to their competitors and I was collecting evidence to bolster my opinion.

      I am with you on social media. We go to dirt track races and tractor pulls and there are the social media weirdos with a finger in one ear and talking for much of the event or texting. I see these same idiots texting during church services and wonder why even go somewhere if you are not going to pay attention when you get there. Go find a nice big box or a room with no windows or lights and play with your stuff there and have the fully immersive life tune out experience you seek. You miss a lot of life’s good things when you stay glued to that junk and train your mind to conceive in 192 letter long thoughts. I turn my cell phone off when I am not on the road and value my time here in the country where I can listen to nothing when I want and be grateful for the chances to enjoy what is around me.

      I think the response for many of the faithful is muted silence, disbelief and dwindling hope in that order. Switching from one program to another requires scrapping much of your old ways and mental habits and for those who grew up with SW exclusively or have used it for a long time it is going to be hard. I think they are in for a lot of disruption anyway and the choice is do you stay with these guys who would do this to you or go elsewhere and benefit from better long term planning. SW seems to be under people who believe the problem being caused by shooting one foot will be solved by doing so to the other and I just don’t get it. Speaking of Freudian Moments perhaps another one is S(olidworks) and M(echanical) Conceptual.

      Merry Christmas to you to Neil and a happy and prosperous New Year.

  2. Wow! I just noticed your update.
    A few key people have moved on but thats still a bit of a shock.
    Man, that’s the end of SW as we know it as far as I am concerned…
    The unspoken message doesn’t get any cleared than that.
    What can you say?…rips my old SW heart strings 😦

    • Yeah, I think all the signs are there and those who do not believe in the grand new vision thing and the direction away from geometry to whatever the heck the French Mad Man see en hees creeestal ball are building life rafts.

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