CAMWorks 4 SE a Real Update

Courtesy of Ally PLM I have some news.

Thanks for your call today.
Here is the schedule as I know it.
Release from Geometric comes in 2 steps – separated by about a week. The first is called Early Release which is followed by the official release a week later.
The Early Release is usually only provided to VARS, but can be provided to customers in specific situations. The main release follows this by about a week.

Early Release for 5 Axis, Mill-Turn and Wire is this week – either today or tomorrow. The official release where customers have general access for download should be there by the end of next week – December 26th.

As for assembly mode, as I mentioned on the phone, this has been delayed waiting for a change to a Solid Edge API. The current projected delivery of this is February.

With the exception of assembly mode, I believe this completes the suite of solutions that are available in that other CAD product.

As always, if there is anything else we can do to assist, please let me know.

I am thinking of sending some questions directly to both Geometric and post it here and see what we get and if nothing I will post that reply to. If any of you have any questions you want me to ask please submit them and I will pass it on.

3 responses to “CAMWorks 4 SE a Real Update

  1. If nothing else, perhaps the partnership with Geometric will force SE API changes that some users have been asking about for a long time.

    • Hi Dylan,
      I agree. And so will the effort to make SW imports easier. My very favorite pet peeve is the lack of correct manufacturing data for threads but I see here in ST6 that now tapped holes reflect accurate drill size data and I expect soon threaded shafts will too. Should have been this way from the very beginning. I would imagine API stuff is in there to. Now I will say that Bruce Weiner with Geometric had good things to say abut the API in SE a while back so I wonder what other programs are like by comparison.

  2. Are there any fixes to 3D and 2 1/2D included? I know I had a volumill bug that got reported.

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