Solid Edge ST6 Auto-Align Dimensions Teaser

I am not crazy about beta testing as it obligates you to spending time you can spend in other ways. I kind of think that the companies that write the stuff look for volunteers to help them do their job and there is no reward for the testers that I can see other than perhaps getting better software. This is why I have never wanted to beta test Solid Edge.

With CAM though I found myself in a different mindset and I have to say that I have reconsidered my position and have participated in this case. There has been free training and tech support so this alone is worth something to get up to speed with a new program. Plus I am excited to see CAM on the way.

However back to the design side of things. I don’t get a whole lot from Siemens about ST6 even though Solid Edge University 2013 is just three weeks away. I did get a little teaser this morning though and it is one I am glad to see. I have never liked how cumbersome it is to drag around and arrange dimensions in SE in part mode. It even seems to work different from day to day and workstation to workstation.

Drawings have been easier though but this new little enhancement should make a big difference. What I am hoping is that there will be help to for dimensioning in parts and sketches. Like you guys though I have to wait and see just what is in the box when I get the box. ( Well not really, I get to see it just not play with it at Solid Edge University 2013. By the way have you signed up to go?  ) I was hoping that I would get to see ST6 when we were beta training for Brand X Cam, you know, that CAM program we can’t talk about yet. But the stinkers had us use ST5.

Anyway here is the teaser as information slowly dribbles out.

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