Solid Edge University 2013 Update, CAM Woo-Hoo!!

Looking forward with great anticipation to the end of June and SEU2013. Spent some time last week working with some goodies I am prohibited from discussing much so I will have to just hint and make vague generalities and be grudgingly accepting of this for a few more weeks. Detail WILL be forthcoming soon though.

In the mean time though…da_handout.pdf  will take you to the latest posted agenda for SEU2013 and in particular I would direct your attention to TADA  !!

ScreenHunter_01 May. 26 04.15

That’s right, Wednesday morning 9:00 to 10:00 brings us the first ever CAM section for Solid Edge. And I mean JUST for Solid Edge and none of this NX Cam Express or all the other not truly integrated CAM stuff SE users have had to limp along with up until this point in time.

Now CAM might be old hat for other programs but not here. And while other programs might have a great ecosphere of apps they have other serious problems like forced migration to the cloud or a new kernal or both and soon to be uncontrollable related miscellaneous costs and data hostage taking. HEY all you doubters prove me wrong. Is this not exactly what Carl Bass of Autodesk and Bernard with Dassault have been saying now for some time? These are words of intent out of their own mouths and you better start taking them seriously. The funny thing about Autodesk and Dassault that can’t be said enough is that while they won’t put their source code on the cloud they expect you to do so with your equivalent-in-value CAD and design data. I am amazed at the number of CAD users that just drift along oblivious to these disruptive and damaging and more expensive to boot paradigms heading their way.

What we are going to see in SEU2013 is the maturing of the most powerful mid-range MCAD program which will include for all those who have been complaining about lacks in surfacing the end to complaints in this area.  SE has a plan and it is consistent and it does not include the cloud or kernal switches. And it has of course the most powerful single new tool for CAD and that is direct editing Synchronous Tech built on the Parasolid kernal they just happen to own and control. I can’t begin to state the power of this and those that don’t have it are quickly falling behind in overall efficiency of design. Plus it belongs to Siemens which bought it to improve their own manufacturing efficiencies.

This can’t be  stressed enough and it should be a pivotal consideration for any CAD user or CAD using company. What is the underlying philosophy of the company whose design software you have bought into?

……. If it does not have as it’s reason for existence providing great tools  for your bottom line and manufacturing efficiency.

……. If it is not used by the author for the very same things you intend to use it for and who then prove it out in their own manufacturing ecosystem should you or can you afford to be there?

There is only one major CAD author in this world who operates on a ten year plan and owns design software PRIMARILY to control and develop for it’s own manufacturing enhancement around the world. We who buy into this buy into real world tools void of all the fantasies that seem to currently be emanating from Dassault and most certainly the cloud coming from both Dassault and Autodesk.

Rather than being in the cross hairs of  companies that desire me as chattel with no regard for my future or bottom line I am with a company that worries about what I need and provides it. I recommend for anyone interested that they attend

The conference is $550.00 after June 7Th for one and three can go for $1,100.00.  Local hotels are available for roughly $65.00 a night for decent rooms if you want to save additional money. This is by far the most economical conference by a major CAD company in the USA. Come and see what the next reigning king of the MCAD world is all about and be there where it all really and finally begins. Can you tell I am excited? If you knew what I knew you just might be too.

12 responses to “Solid Edge University 2013 Update, CAM Woo-Hoo!!

  1. Kevin De Smet

    I’m skeptical about how much Siemens PLM actually gets to communicate and exchange ideas with other departments of Siemens. As we all know, communication in very large companies is not a particular strong suit. I think it’s more marketing and wishful thinking to say Siemens PLM is enhances its software faster than competitors thanks to their parent being Siemens.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Lets look at what I said. UGS was bought for it’s expertise in design and manufacturing. It was bought to enhance the Siemens manufacturing and design capabilities and they rely on the expertise of UGS to do so. They do not tell UGS how to do things other than there are budgets which all divisions adhere to. You would be surprised at the autonomy they have and they are basically given a budget but not told how to spend it. I have personally heard comments made to Karsten Newbury by Tony Afuso to the effect that it is your budget and you spend it as you see fit.

    The communication that does go on under Siemens is how does the software work in our own facilities. Here is feedback and here is what we need to be efficient. This is important because all MCAD users are involved in using a product whose sole reason for existence is the premise that something will be made from that information. So while technically some of the improvements are driven towards Siemens efficiencies we all benefit because Siemens problems are ours to. Unlike Dassault for instance who are coming up with this grand version of the 3D Experience world much of which is just plain garbage to an MCAD user, Siemens wants real world tools.

    Be skeptical of your SW masters Kevin, they are the ones who have problems telling people what they intend to do and how they will do it and why they are doing it. No direction at the top and seemingly no concise plan other than they want the cloud and forced subscriptions and as an added bonus a kernal change. Siemens on the other hand will tell you in plain English what their plan is and they adhere to it. Quite frankly I prefer the Siemens method of communication any day over what you guys are suffering under.

    • Kevin De Smet

      You say autonomy as if it’s a good thing, I just see that as neglect. Siemens just acquires stuff, slaps their name on it and only looks at profit/loss from there on with little involvement? Oh well, maybe it’s not such a bad thing because they’d probably mess it up if they did!

      3DExperience is weird, I’m not a fan trust me, it’s part of the marketing vision from Menghini I assume and it’s also a real shame how they are handling Solidworks, I can only hope with Gian Bassi as technical lead now it will be somehiw all turn out ok… We’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

  3. You are wrong Kevin. I think it is respect for the ability of the people and company that they purchased to stand out of the way and let them do what they were “hired” to do. Just like it used to be years ago with Dassault and SW before Bernard decided that the people that created SW were were not gifted visionaries like he was. All things go in cycles it seems and I suppose some day SE will have it’s turn but if it goes like PROE and SW, SE has a number of really good years ahead of it for it’s users before this happens.

    All I know for sure is that every time I talk to these Siemens and SE guys it is never pie in the sky visionary 3DExperience stuff. (I don’t have any contacts or interest in the NX side of things so all I can do is assume the same is true there.) There is no forthcoming mandatory Autodesk or Dassault cloud junk. They do what they say they are going to do and it has been this way for the last four years. The things they say they are going to do by the way are based on the goal of best in class design and manufacturing software. Oh and can I say direct editing too?

  4. Kevin De Smet

    It almost does sound perfect except this problem that Dassault has and Siemens as well. How much will little brother get vs. big brother in terms of resources, time and money for development. CATIA/SW and NX/SE are both somewhat oddball combination to have.

    It’s not insurmountable at all of course because many companies have both mainstream and high end products and it works just fine. But still… it does complicate matters somewhat.

  5. It would be nice to have an MCAD crystal ball but I have not found one yet so the best I can do is look around. I am very comfortable where I am with both the tools and the direction and I am pretty optimistic that for the next ten years I will be safe. After that I will be retired and won’t care. All I know is I want stable consistent management concerned with my needs and delivering good tools for these ten years and then they can go all 3DExperience bonkers if they want 😉

    On another note it looks pretty sad for ZW3d. Have you been to the forum lately to see all the tales of woe?

  6. Kevin De Smet

    Not at all, last I’ve heard is VX being bought by the Chinese and turning into ZW3d. What woes are there?

  7. Really not worth talking about. I was pretty sure you were an ex-customer of theirs and so I asked.

  8. Dave, while I’m not a CAM user, it is great to see SE finally get an integrated solution. The combination of Sync and integrated CAM suddenly makes SE a genuinely competitive and attractive solution for the small machine shop market.
    However, I still can’t understand why Siemens couldn’t have done this with their own CAM solution and thus provide an upgrade path. It is quite incredible that it was easier to work with Dassault/Geometric than their own people????

    • Hi Roger,
      NX Cam and Cam Express were looked at but there are significant problems with them. The CAD system it relies upon is NX and NX brags about being able to reliably open up files from many years ago until now. Their customers expect this and so taking NX Cam or Cam Express and keeping the tools in it but porting it to work natively inside of Solid Edge was considered impossible to implement in a satisfactory way.This led to a search for a reliable CAM program and an integrator for it. Geometric was the answer for a number of reasons.

      While Dassault is a customer of Geometric never forget that Geometric stands on it’s own as perhaps the largest custom program integrator for CAD and CAM and PLM. EDrawings is one of it’s more famous offerings for example. Dassault is not easy to work with according to what I have read but Geometric is and they are the go to people for many things.

      I am ecstatic this integration has happened and it makes SE not only competitive but rather the new market leader in mid range MCAD in my opinion. I find it interesting that Geometric was smart enough to be the first CAM integrator for SW just as they now are for SE. I believe they like what they see for the future with SE.

      It is for far more than just small shops by the way but that is a story for another day.

  9. Sorry Dave, my mistake – I had thought Dassault part owned Geometric. Regardless, it is great to see it happen and by the sound of your enthusiasm they have done a slick job of the integration.
    I wonder are they planning a free Express version? I bought Simulation last year because the Express version let me play and I gave me an appetite for the full version.

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