Solid Works Users, Send Me Your Problem Files

typical Solid Works fail

I have mentioned this and no one has taken this seriously yet so I am going to try again. I am looking for MCAD files from Solid Works users that fall into the following categories. Problems creating it in SW, problem with editing or families of parts in SW and last but not least imports that fail in SW. It is my intent to create videos utilizing these files and demonstrating how it can be done with data imported as dumb solids from Solid Works in Solid Edge. I have always felt that there is nothing better than using actual parts to work with over canned demos all slick and polished from Siemens. So my mission, and I hope some of you will be so kind as to oblige me, is to get files from you so I can create some videos.

HEY, worst case scenario is that if it is of interest to you, you can see how someone else using a different program solves the same problems you face. Please leave a reply here and I will get back to you with contact information.

Here is a specific example of what I am talking about. This part was sent to me by a member of the Huntsville Solid Edge User Group. For some reason I can’t fathom he is still strictly an ordered user in ST4. He had a lot of trouble with an imported step file and here I show him how to repair this using Synchronous in ST5. Basically like many history based or ordered users he eventually ended up rebuilding the part after fiddling with it for some time. Now I mention that this was not repairable in ordered in the video clip but I suppose it could be if one fiddled long enough or knew the cool tricks for doing so. My attempts there to get this done in ordered were brief and I went to Synchronous rather quickly where I knew I would not have to fool around. I do all my parts in Synchronous as it is just to quick and reliable for me to consider ordered or traditional history based stuff anymore. And to be honest here I have to sit down and remember just how to inflict the pain of straight ordered modeling upon myself and I spend little time doing so. There apparently are some real benefits to combining the two at times although I have never had a need to do so.

8 responses to “Solid Works Users, Send Me Your Problem Files

  1. Dave-
    I was curious, can you cut-paste those faces? Cut to get your trimmed planar face back and then a paste to put back the Made in USA?

    • Hi Ryan, I have no idea as I never tried. I figured this was probably not supposed to be there as it was to small for even laser engraving for ID and it’s only purpose in life was to be removed. If you really want to know I will fiddle with it later this week and report on what I find.

  2. Thanks for the video. You do the exact thing in SW, the only difference is selecting the surface bodies only once before deleting them.

    • OK 3D I will take you at your word on this as I am not a user of SW. Just for the records sake though let us make sure we compare apples to apples. This was done on an imported STP file and a dumb solid. Can SW do the same thing? I can send you this file if you wish to try importing it into SW and report back here as to what you find.

      However, since you were interested enough to reply here I will ask you for files from SW that do give you trouble. This is my real reason for posting this video and I hope you will provide some parts along with why they failed and then I will try it in SE and let us see what happens.

  3. The answer is yes. Parasolid is Parasolid and I can do exactly the same thing in SW.

    Email me the file if you want.

  4. SW does have a import diagnoistic tool.

    I’m willing to give this shot on my SW version, 2011.
    @ 3D Modeler- Yes, Parasolids is Parasolids. But writing the code that uses Parasolids is a different story.

  5. OK guys check your email, the .STP file is on the way. Now I also am asking you for files you can share done in SW that give you problems. In any case if you do a video I will post it here and if you do the part I will post your reply here. As I said before my primary interest is in files that give SW users fits so send me your problem. But since not one SW user has been willing to send a file I have used one of my own instead.

  6. 3D sent an email with a clip from SW2013 using the same .STP file. It has opened up the part and the missing face at the top of the cylinder was not but he had a minor issue with a face on the side. All in all I will say that SW handled this part import at least as well as SE if not slightly better. However he did not send a problem file from SW for me to play with and I still have nothing from an SW user to play with. Just a reminder guys, my main reason here for posting this is to get problem files from SW users. Are you willing to contribute 3D?

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