Registration Link for the Huntsville 2-13-13 User Group Meeting

Folks as you can imagine with all that is going on with Solid Edge in Huntsville preparing for ST6 and the beginning of planning and working for ST7 which has now started the guys in SE’s headquarters are pretty busy. For this reason we have to say that the scheduled events are tentative for topics until we get a little closer to time and see who is available. Rest assured however that anyone who shows up from SE corporate will be topical and knowledgeable.
For the link and current agenda info.

I want to take the time to thank Swoosh Technologies here for being willing to assist in this. I know many users get worried about VARs turning user meetings into sales events but this is not the case here with Siemens. On the other hand it is hard for a user to do this on his own and so it becomes necessary for a VAR to be involved. So welcome aboard to Swoosh and I look forward to seeing all of you in Huntsville.

As an aside here this will be the beginning of a permanent user group structure in Huntsville and as such the first attendees will help to determine the structure and frequency of the meetings and what topics could be in the future. You have to know that someone who shows up has an opinion that will be listened to and those that don’t will be given passing thought only as to the future meetings. It is time for you as a user to seriously consider helping to shape the user community in your area by attending.

Your early registration helps us plan and is appreciated. SEE YOU THERE!!

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