Huntsville 2-13-2013 Solid Edge User group meeting Update

As we get closer to the meeting I want to announce the agenda. Of course since this is in Solid Edges headquarters we have the privilege of top technical support available perhaps no where else with some of those who actually write the code planning to be there. Once again the time is 2:00 PM February the 13Th. We are tentatively setting up a link through Swoosh to register or you can contact me through this blog.

At this time we have Tips and Tricks, a user presentation with topic unknown as of yet and Live Rules and the meeting will run at least three hours and probably four. This will be followed with food and refreshments and of course there will be time for questions you can ask of people who really know their stuff. If you are a user in Middle Tennessee or Northern Alabama you would be well served by showing up. If you are an employer what your employees can learn here will more than compensate you for their time spent here.

Last time we had a number of users stick around after the meeting where some of the tech support guys spent time with them talking of things from tips and tricks to gripes about Solid Edge features. I look forward to seeing you all once again and welcome to Swoosh who will be the VAR helping to get this kick started.


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