Editing the Imprecise Valve Body

This is a continuation of the post from the other day. https://solidedging.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/when-imprecise-is-good-enough/

Here we have a common problem with design and it is family of parts. The first valve was on four-inch centers to fit standard bread pans four across in baking racks. There is also a smaller size that fits pans on three-inch centers for things like small loaves or larger rolls or sub buns.  Here is how it is quickly done in Solidedge ST5 taking 1 minute 30 seconds to completely alter this for the new size. After the part is pulled up the clock starts ticking.

Turn on dimensions.

Now I see locked dimensions I know will have to be unlocked to control the movement of the geometry. I unlock these now. By the way, one of the things that trip up people most of the time is a locked dimension somewhere. ST5 has tools now that will tell you if something fails what dimension or face set stopped you so you know what to fix.

Change three of these to unlocked.

Window pick complete face set for second set of holes, click steering wheel and drag in direction of desired edit, type in what you need which in this case is one inch. I don’t know why the solution manager did not show up in the screen capture but when you see the mouse go down towards the bottom and hover what I am doing is clicking on the solution manager and accepting the change. The balloon that pops up shows roughly where I clicked solution manager.

After the edit completes I hit escape to exit and return to edit the next set.

This is repeated for the remaining sets of faces/holes.

If the valve block was shorter in this application it is easy enough to unlock the overall length dimension on the rotary valve. Window pick all the geometry past the last hole and drag it in the desired direction, type in the dimension, accept once again in solution manager and you are done.

Now as a tip here is something to consider when trying edits. In theory I should be able to just click the dimension and edit the part but since I used the geometry on the first cutout to drive the geometry of the second cutout to keep them parallel in the Y axis and have no driving dimensions assigned to the second set in the solid part I have to window pick what I want to move. In the sketch I aligned the geometry for these two sets and it was not necessary to add dimensions to the finished part to reflect this.

Some of these depositors require just two holes and a much shorter valve block. It is no time at all to edit a four hole valve and valve block and a whole family of parts is created in less than a half hour once the original parts are done. This family consisted of four hole on four-inch centers, four hole on three-inch centers and two hole on four-inch centers and when I say less than a half hour I mean to finished and saved parts in their own folders ready for manufacturing.

Here is the video


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