Solid Edge Productivity Summits and User Groups.

This is the year for major everything with SE from CAM integration to powerful improvements in geometry creation to the long-awaited creation of a viable SE user community. It is all coming together this year and today my focus is on the user community. The Summits this year are as follows.




The agenda is




These are open to ANYONE who wishes to attend. Customer, student, just want to kick the tires, teachers interested in good design software or anyone else for any reason you are welcome and encouraged to see what we users and Siemens are utilizing to make a living . The sign up link is




It is worthwhile to take a few minutes here to explain another important thing happening in conjunction with the Summits. Today Karsten Newbury and Don Cooper had a conference call with some of us and the purpose is to organise a real and concerted push to establish another historically missing aspect from the Solid Edge world and that is user community.  As an aside here I would imagine that if you are reading this you already have more than a casual interest in CAD and you get the value of a robust user community. What you probably did not understand along with many  SE users was why SE had limped along with nothing in this area for so many years and why this was not important to SE/UGS et al. But back to the meeting.

The groundwork was laid today to correct this and it is the intent of everyone involved from the very top of SE to the users in the trenches like myself to go and start a user group network which will have as its nexus initially groups formed where ever the Summits are held. There will be others to and if you are a Solid Edge user and wish to start a group closer to where you are geographically I want to tell you that all you have to do is make the request and be willing to help organize and run a group and you WILL have significant help to do so. If you are an  SE user this would be a very good time for you to consider getting involved in helping to create a network that will benefit you professionally in many ways in the years to come.

I want to make clear that this is for SE users to be run by SE users with the more than willing help from Siemens and VARs and SE. The purpose here is to create a network of users for our benefit. Karsten and Don understand that a group that benefits users will also will benefit SE in the long run and  the interests of both are not exclusive of each other. These are not sales meetings and I think that anyone who attempts to turn one of these fledgling groups into one will never be invited back.

Do I need to explain the benefits of a user network whereby close at hand your peers are available to help you with the program, your career, potential work, referrals and just plain old camaraderie with those who have a common interest? I didn’t think so.

OK all you users who have wanted a place to be now is the time. Right straight from the top today we have been promised by Karsten and Don that all you need to make it work will be there if YOU will be there.


7 responses to “Solid Edge Productivity Summits and User Groups.

  1. Dave,

    This is goid news.
    I signed up for Houston.

    However, within 2 hours I was contacted by a SIEMENS sales Droid.
    You’ll want to speak with KN and put a stop to this hard sell or your effort will be wasted.

  2. Tim, I am passing this on. Would you call me as I have some questions to ask about this and I am not going to do so here.
    I am going to ask you to be patient here. They are just now begining the real push and I am certain there are some rough edges like this yet to be fixed.

  3. Those call backs are normal SOP for any company. You have to remember that you did include the “kick the tires” group of people. Siemens and the VARs would like to know who the KTT folks are to followup. If I were to make a suggestion it might be that an additional field be added to the form..Are you already a customer? Yes/No If Yes then double check existing database to verify. If there than no call. If not then you get a call.

  4. BTW-
    I get a call everytime I sign-up for webinar and that’s at least one every other week.

  5. Sorry Ryan,

    Those calls are NOT SOP for any company.
    They maybe for yours but I’ll tell you it smacks of Boiler Room tactics. It’s utterly irritating to have my work day, preparing an intense IMTS machine demo, interrupted by a sales droid who doesn’t have the common sense to know to wait until AFTER this event to follow up.
    SIEMENS has a check box available to have someone contact you immediately.
    If I wanted to speak with a sales droid, I would have checked that.
    There are several systems I have purchased from companies that never contacted me at all from information I provided prior to purchase.
    The only company that ever contacted me within the same day of filling out a form online was BobCAD-CAM.
    You only follow up after a REASONABLE amount of time and you most certainly don’t go immediately go into a hard -sell script.

    The surest way to kill a potential sale is to use the hard-sell routine.
    Luckily for SIEMENS, SolidEdge is an innovative product that I and others want to know more about.

  6. Ryan and Tim,
    What happened here is being looked into. Ryan what you don’t know is that Tim checked the do not contact box which is why he is unhappy. What SE/Siemens does not know is why this happened as they do adhere to a policy where people are not badgered by sales calls. Could be something as simple as a page link not working, could be something as irritating as a sales guy wanting to get more sales leads inspite of rules that say do not contact people who check do not contact. Suffice it to say that this is not worthy of being blown out of proportion.

    By the way, any of you who do have trouble with forms and contacts or getting registered if you wish to please contact me and I will get the information/request to the right place. Give these guys a break though as they are more than willing to fix things if someone will tell them their problems.

  7. Tim-
    I understand and yes, I find it irritating to take the call from the software company in middle of something..that is why I let almost all my calls go to voice mail first. I don’t like interuptions…

    If you(salesperson) know me…then you have my email and know that’s the best way to get in contact with me.
    Wink..wink…there is no “Do not contact box” on the Siemens form. There is only “I have an immediate need for” a blow hard sales person to call and verify my address, phone number and the fact the sales person doesn’t know that much button.
    That is unless you filled in the comment area and said…”I already own your software so leave me alone! Unless you are offering me free software or services.”

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