The Future Belongs to Dassault and Immersive Crowd Source Leveraging

I admire a company that is so incredibly sophisticated and avant garde. Who with total dedication has embarked upon the journey of teaching customers about what they really need for a leveraged successful future. Massive amounts of study have been devoted to analysis of future trends both sociologically and in Engineering disciplines to arrive at a new way of doing things. One that is unparalleled  and unequaled by any other tech in its bright promise for the future. Indeed it is clear to me that they are totally rewriting how the philosophy of success will be applied by companies who wish to be at the forefront.

Armed with social skills and work ethics older people can only dream of emulating, this younger generation-centric Dassault effort leverages the exciting prospect of social dynamism in juxtaposition with  crowd sourced creative ability coupled with seamless flawless integration on the Cloud. Combining this with the finest possible equipment utilising Apple products, which are impervious to both virii and malware, we have the perfect synergism required for the cloud and Dassault.

Read about one of the scientific studies currently being used to help formulate this most precise and cogent future-centric paradigm utilising some of these bright and aspiring minds of the future.

Don’t let the world of corporate competition make a monkey out of your future. Get with it and GET LEVERAGED.


UPDATE. OK folks reality is what it is and sometimes even though you may try reality is wilder than your own imagination.

If I were to sit down to write a lengthy parody of corporate management and inane philosophies I think I would, rather than spend my time authoring one, just hire the above mentioned PR department to do it for me.

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