Last Body Part Needed for Frankencad Identified

I think I have identified the last body part required for Frankie. I know I digress here from strictly cad based commentary but I just can’t help myself sometimes and I might as well amuse myself over this rather sad cloud-for-cad situation. So on we go.

The last body part required is a multifunctional bit of biological construction and fullfills many cloud requirements.

It Is—-

Smart when in cloud developer hands and dumb when in denier hands.

Cloud software can be pulled out of it on demand.

Cad on Cloud CEO’s and promoters can use it to store their heads when not in use and pull their heads out when use is required.

Cloud proponents can use it to talk out of.

Once donated to Frankencad what you once owned they can now own.

Once attached, CEO’s can be trained to find things with both hands.

It promotes sustainability because once they have it, it will turn to grass.

It will be a modular install so it can be handed back on a platter if needed.

It can produce a real cloud along with software clouds.

For those of you not quite willing to relinquish control and appreciate the ability to enjoy beans to the fullest degree there is a desktop version of this. Kind of like a desk top LAN if you will. It will recycle your cash and keep it in your company.  It has a permanent license and requires none of that troublesome internet stuff.

3 responses to “Last Body Part Needed for Frankencad Identified

  1. Very good blog brother.

    Tyke I take delight in your blog. If I could bring about myself a blog something like this, I would unquestionably be as completely satisfied as a speckled doggy.

  2. Very funny. I love it. Turns to grass, place to store your head, find it with both hands. Great graphic too. Definitely funny stuff.

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