The Lurching Parody of FRANKENCAD

Won’t be a long post today but periodically there are little news bits that I find that are just to good to pass up. The kind that reveal the dirty laundry beneath the top layer of the clean.

It is to me impossible to have any sort of predictable, reliable and secure cloud applications in the CAD world that will do as promised. The promise of the current beta state of  Frankencad to be better and wonderfull and we will all wear cloud “Love Marks” and on and on crashes into reality. The sorts of things these reality deniers in the board rooms never will talk about. “Here, sign this and buy into it and then we will tell you whats in it”. Sounds kind of like Nancy Pelosi and I know she has my best interests in mind doesn’t she?

So today we have poor Frankie lurching between two articles.

First lets talk about the aspect of doubling and more the rate of downtime. Here we have the new Cloud Jedimasters bemoaning slow throughput because of technical difficulties on their end. Wellcome to the new world where not only do you have to worry about your inhouse systems now you get to add to the mix tons of stuff you can’t in any way shape or form remediate when the problems arise. When and not if. I am sure these notices of don’t worry be happy we are working on it will no doubt ease the troubled minds of all who buy into this. And I wish you to remember here that while slow time is not down time it is money lost time and all because you went to the web to do things you could have done in house.;content

Next up is this heart warming story of BAE, a trivial and inconsequential itty-bitty defense contractor. It seems that yes, security does matter. And here we see a perfect example of why anything that uses the cloud is not secure period. There are just so many proveable roadblocks between the promise and the reality and so much of it totally beyond the control of any software author from the infrastructure they do not own to governments they can’t control who don’t give a flip about your security.

It amazes me CAD companies still try to stand there and daily make bald faced lies about this stupid thing they are pining the future of their companies on. And yes by the way the future of your company too if you unwisely decide to adopt this stuff.

Frankencad indeed and which of your body parts do you care to donate Hmmmm?


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