Solid Edge user groups

   One of the building blocks of any cad user community is the establishment of user groups. Local user groups are where individuals can turn for help from warm bodies within easy driving for what ever reason. Professional and social ties are established with individuals  who have common ties to the benefit of all concerned.

  Now I know this is just common sense to many of you reading this because if you are here you are allready more interested in software than the typical user. You are familiar with the concept and have at least thought about it even if there was no desire to attend or resource to be found.

  I have admired the size and activity of the SW community and in fact this is one of the things that almost got me there. It is one of the things that helped SW get to where it is today. It is one of the things that has been lacking in a big way with SE.

   Today I am pleased to say, with proof, that this is changing. This is one of the problems the new deal at SE is not only aware of but going to fix.  In emails today in part I recieve the following.

  “Dear Edgers,

     Thank you for agreeing to support or continue to support regional Solid Edge user groups in your areas.  As discussed, we are putting in place infrastructure to help with this effort.  We are also in the process of opening a full-time user community support position. 

We would like to start the process with you on Friday with a kickoff call.  Hopefully this time works for you all.  If you have a conflict, please let me know and we will try our best to find a time that is convenient for all.”
   Money and time is being put where the mouth is and this is one of the things promised to us. The Huntsville Summit really was the launch of a new philosophy towards users and so far every, and I mean that, every promise made to us has been kept.  There are others to be announced shortly and this change is for real.
  To all you SE users reading this. It is time for you to think about your user community and the software you use and how Siemens/SE is going to work with you. Note that I said going to and there is no ambivalence there is there. It is time for you to think about the idea of working with them.  I would even suggest that it is time to get involved.   

6 responses to “Solid Edge user groups

  1. Do you know what I can say to that!!!!!


  2. Hey community!

    Is there a way to save ST3 files as ST2?
    – Drawing, parts, assembly?


    • I would say no. I don’t see any SE version selections in “save as”. You will probably have to save it out as perhaps a parasolid and then bring it back in to ST2.

  3. Rick McWilliams

    Where is an active SE forum? I am a SW user thinking of switching.

    • Rick, The best non-subscriber forum for SE is EngTips. This is the second most active SE forum and is also frequented by employees of SE who pay attention to things there. The very best sadly is closed to non-subscribers and is the Siemens BBS. While it is not a 3D program you can download 2DFree from Siemens and there is a section of the Siemens BBS where these users can post. This may also allow you to read other forums there and just not post but I am not sure about this. You might want to talk to Billy Oliver. He is a past user of SW who made the switch recently and he can tell you exactly what the benefits were to him.

  4. Billy Oliver, myself and several others are trying to start up a “South Texas Solid Edge Users Group.” There is a mailing list you can join at
    The list doesn’t have much traffic right now so join up and help get things going.

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