Solid Mastermind, a good way for a cheap look under the hood.

  For all of us attending the Huntsville ST4 rollout there was a bonus. One month of Platinum level access to the Solid Mastermind web site tutorials and material for SE.

    I have been fiddling with it for the last few days and shocking as this thought may be have a few things to say about it. The video clips here just appeal to me more than printed manuals would as watching something being done is a faster way for me to learn than reading stuff put out by companies that are out of date before you get them.

  Technical material for the software you buy has always been one of my pet peeves in that you either muddle through on your own with the scarce and incomplete corporate literature that is available, get “official” training from VARS or Corporate or find another user who will help you . I did this years ago with VX and it cost about $1,500.00 for each person for two courses of training. This is a pretty typical cost I am finding out and NO you can’t record what you are looking at so you see what you see in the classroom once, and then leave with so much stuffed in there that most of it is useless.  They did however give us a stack of books printed before the release of the version we were in training for and as you can imagine it was allready incomplete and each service pack made it more so.  Does this sound familiar to you?

    So I go to the Mastermind site and check it out. I went through five of the ST3 part modeling series and was a little surprised at how much I did not know. I am in the same boat as many as we sit down and figure out enough to get us through the job or project at a reasonable level of efficiency and stop there. It was a bit startling to see all the bits and pieces I had missed on my own in these videos.

   So I come to some conclusions about all this. It really does seem for whatever reason that third parties produce better training material. Mastermind fits into this category and beats the pants off anything I have seen from Siemens or SE and I am glad to see Mastermind and Siemens get together as this does fill a sorely lacking need.  For ST4 I am going to be there as a cheap way to get up to speed on what is going on.

   The thought occured to me though that this site also serves well those of you who wonder just what is under the hood with SE. I know all the costs in moving from one program to another. I know all or most of the excuses used to stay or go from your current program as I have either read them or said them. I can say without reservation that if you want to know about SE and it’s capabilities you will be well served in getting a couple of months here. As far as I can see it is by the month by the way with the most expensive level being $97.00 per month.

      Lets talk user to user right now. There is no greater dis-service another user can do to a potential user than gloss over the problems or capabilities of the software he uses because he is a mindless fanboy and just wants you and himself to believe he made the best choice. You have a lot riding on what you use for a living  and if you are like me you want truth. Let me know the shortcomings and and pluses I can decide what I need from there. Every software has it’s trash side and it’s good side and you just need what best fits your situation.

   I will recommend, if you are interested at all in SE, that you go here for a couple of months and see exactly what it does and does not do. Kick the tires without kicking your wallet and time in the butt first by seeing exactly what the capabilities are without having to first buy the software to find out.

  I like what I see, with both SE and Solid Mastermind, and I think you will to.

4 responses to “Solid Mastermind, a good way for a cheap look under the hood.

  1. Dave
    Just to let you know, i have a promo running in collaboration with Solid Mastermind for all ST4 attendees.

    Things was made at the last minute and we did not have time to setup properly at the event . Here the promo page

    So anyone who attend the ST4 meeting use one of the links inside the promo page to start training yourself and get prepare for ST4 coming at the end of July once it pass the final beta quality test.

    More ST4 tutorials will then be release.

  2. Dave, firstly many thanks for posting this and talking positively about the Solid Edge services we offer. We are passionate about making sure customers are fully educated in the use of Solid Edge and become more productive as a result. We believe this can be done in a way that takes advantage of modern technology in order to deliver an efficient and very cost effective solution.

    We now have customers around the globe taking advantage of the resources available on Solid Mastermind. The feedback we get from everyone is great and simply underlines the fact the users are seeing real world benefits with us.

    As you so rightly point out – classroom training is expensive and you can’t take the instruction away with you once you have attended.
    Video training is different – it’s a library that you can refer to time and time again whenever you want to and without incurring travel costs or expenses. A library that is constantly being updated and added to.

    We have 3 levels of subscription available – Silver, Gold & Platinum. These cover everything from Solid Edge free 2D upwards. The most popular level is Gold as this cover all the core modelling functionality. There is no long term commitment and you can stop at any time. We have had a few customers use Solid Mastermind as part of their Solid Edge evaluation process actually so they tend to come on board for 1 – 2 months just for that. Most customers stick around however because new material gets released all the time.

    Although Video Training courses form the core of Solid Mastermind, we also have many other useful resources such as – a searchable knowledge base, best practices, process maps, top tips, ask the expert, Solid Edge utilities and more….

    If anybody has any specific questions, please let us know.

    PS – as Luc mentioned above – we were offering 1 month’s free access for Solid Edge users that attended the ST4 Launch event. It’s not too late to take advantage of this. If you did attend but did not have time to sign up just let us know.

    All the best
    Jon Sutcliffe

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to let you all know that the ST4 Update video training course material is now live on Solid Mastermind.

    All the best
    Jon Sutcliffe

  4. Hi Jon ,
    I’m interesting in gold membership .
    How many hours does it takes?
    Thank you

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