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New Addition to the SMAHL Family, Crites CT120 Drop In Replacement

I have been asked a few times to make a replacement lens for the Crites CT120 setup. Things move slowly here at times but the last person asking really really REALLY wanted a set so off I go. Of course things are in the way of orderly progress and I had a bunch of wood lenses I was cutting and did not want to stop until I was done.

I cut the wood lenses dry and it makes a mess so before I can cut all aluminum anything that requires coolant I have to clean the mess out. So I finish cleaning and answer another “have you started” email again to say “no, not quite yet”.

Then the screw compressor goes out and until that is fixed nothing is cut, except my wallet of course.Yesterday saw the compressor fixed and the resumption of goodies production.

This is meant to be a direct drop in replacement for the CT120 set from Crites used in the CS Style B speaker. Now if you already have the CT120 you can reuse the driver on my lens. They have a Crites label on the driver but it is the same DE-120 I use with a label added. Anyway I don’t know if I will stock these or if they are going to be special order but in any case the CAD and CAM files are done and proofed and these are available. Contact me if interested through this blog.