Autodesk Inventor HSM and HSMWorks Customers Unhappy/ Leaving?

Today for the heck of it I wandered to the HSM forums. What got me going there was to see if there was a new update. While looking I see the count down clock to Dec 15 when Autodesk loses me as a customer and I wonder how many others are leaving too. While at the forums I go to the machining section and there are very few posts. Is it my imagination or is it true?

Easy enough to check and lets go back to 1-16 and go month by month.
1-16 29 posts
2-16 29
3-16 54
4-16 37
5-16 41
6-16 38
7-16 21
8-16 45
9-16 20
10-16 14
11-16 12
12-16 8
1-17 14
2-17 6
3-17 8
4-17 11
5-17 13
6-17 4
7-17 7
8-17 9
9-17 4

To me this is the single most glaring bit of proof Autodesk can’t run from nor hide from regarding it’s dismal failure in the pursuit of subscription only slaves. I am an actual current paid until 12-15-17 user and I went from big time fan of Inventor HSM 9-16 to purely angry today over being betrayed by greedy corporate morons who can only count projected income as important and customer satisfaction as irrelevant. If this precipitous drop off of posts means what I think it means, and remember I am using myself and my reactions and feelings about all this as a way of measurement, tons of us are leaving and just plain don’t care what these idiots do anymore. No I don’t mean the HSM developers and staff. They are victims too and I see some are leaving now.

How else can these numbers be interpreted as anything other than colossal failure and powerful evidence of coming doom for the plans of the almighty Baked Beans Anagnost Autodesk Plantation?

2 responses to “Autodesk Inventor HSM and HSMWorks Customers Unhappy/ Leaving?

  1. Fusion 360 is all that they really care about. And all the hipsters want to jump on the “cloud”.

    • I think Fusion is all they care about to. And further I think Fusion if they can make it capable enough will be the replacement soon for HSMWorks and Inventor HSM. You can keep your perpetual seat of dead discontinued software but we will not support anything from it. We do however have this shiny new rental only program over here and we will give you a real deal on it. Perhaps millennials are hip enough to jump on it but no one I know who has been in business any time at all wants anything to do with the cloud. Millennials are so cute when they get outraged over problems they create online for themselves with social media and can’t connect the dots to see that the cloud will make all their problems even worse. I say let Autodesk pursue the millennial market where they all pirate things and never expect to pay and see how they do. Nine down quarters in a row now for Autodesk so they are making corporate history but not exactly the right way.

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