Solid Edge University 2017 Huntsville 9-12-17

OK folks you all know I think very highly of Solid Edge. It has been my modeler of choice now since ST1. Can I ask just where does the time go? Anyway if you are in the Huntsville area and would like to know more about SE ST10 you need to go. Of all the meetings being held nation wide this is the only one that will be in SE’s headquarters with many of those who have actually had a hand in coding what you use present. If you use Autodesk Inventor I would urge you to attend and see how it could be as compared to where you are right now. I have had both programs in hand for a few years now and would never inflict Inventor on myself as my principle modeler. You owe it to yourself to see how things are done in SE since time is money and efficiency is time and SE is WAY efficient over Inventors best day. In any case here is the info and the price is right to so check it out and contact Andrea.

PS, As you Autodesk types know Inventor et al is heading into huge price increases by 2019 and subscription only and in time an effort to force all to the cloud. Fusion360 which is the darling of Autodesk and what they have in many ways pinned their future to requires you to go online for allinitial saves and to save all edits too. You need to seriously contemplate your life raft or just where you intend to do design work today and tomorrow. SE has been basically the same price for me for ten years now and as far as I know there are no gouge you plans afoot. They also offer permanent seats as well as rental so unlike Autodesk they want you as a customer because it is mutually beneficial for this to happen. Autodesk just wants you as an ATM.

Hello Dave,
Due to customer requests, we have just opened up a limited number of free passes to these events. Contact me to secure your pass before we run out. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and brightest Solid Edge Experts:

Attending technical sessions to increase your Solid Edge knowledge
Seeing firsthand, the latest enhancements to ST 10
Meeting the Solid Edge extended team, and networking with your peers
Learn best-practices in design, simulation, data management, and 3D printing.

The events include continental breakfast and lunch. Attendees will also receive a free voucher to take the Solid Edge Certification exam ($99 value).

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 – Huntsville, AL
Thursday, September 14, 2017 – Atlanta, GA

There will also be prize drawings at each location. Prizes include 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Pro and Solid Edge wireless headsets.

Andrea Hall
Customer Relationship Manager

4 responses to “Solid Edge University 2017 Huntsville 9-12-17

  1. I didn’t know they were charging anything! I think the Boston event is free for all attendees.

    • Hi Larry,
      I went online briefly today and it was thirty something for an upper midwest VAR and was $99 originally from Saratech. I have not looked much to see various location prices but they certainly vary. Have you attended one and if so what do you think of the end of the real SEU?

  2. I only went to one SEU, it’s a lot of money and time. But it was fun meeting all the people from the old newsgroup and the presentation by NASA’s “Elvis” was great. I’m curious to find out what the ratio of marketing to actual useful information this event will have.

    • This is really not like the one you went to. WAY to short for much meaningful knowledge to be distributed. Four topics if I remember right and an hour each out of all there is in SE. SE kind of markets itself when you see how it works so no I don’t think they are going to waste a lot of time trying to get you to buy other than showing you how it works. Saratech handled themselves really well at past user group meetings I have been to.

      SEU as it used to be was the industries cheapest major software event. If you did not like the costs in Cincy you would be appalled at the expenses with the PLM World, SW and Autodesk events. I mean WAY out there in comparison.

      For me the real reason to go is not so much the whats new stuff much of which is irrelevant to me. At least the topics they have picked to talk about are. It has been too long since I have met and mingled with local users and these little local “community college” events will allow for that. Outside of events like this it is very hard to find other local users and that does have value. I think knowing where some of your peers are is better than a support hot line to SE at times and they will even answer after hours.

      Plus I expect to see some past faces from SE so a bit of a walk down memory lane to. SE programmers and developers I have met have all been top notch so I hope to see some there. My quarrels have always been with less than stellar leadership who desire to put choke holds on SE instead of getting behind it.

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