User Group Wrapup

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible. Saratech and Swoosh as participant VARS who contributed some great door prizes and remembered that this was a user group event and not a sales meeting. It is good to have VARS who will support the community and remember that the purpose here IS for the users to interact with users. We had 33 total in attendance with some of course who were supposed to be there but could not. Siemens as always is a great source of talent which they loan to us for these meetings and since we have them at the Siemens Huntsville headquarters you never know who might show up. This begins the series of meetings and as soon as I go over survey forms and determine frequency and future agendas I will be posting the information.

I think for those of you who could have attended and did not would find that those who did felt it was well worthwhile and intend to be back. I hope those of you who read this and can will consider being at the next one. I was particularly pleased to see a contingent from UAH and I regard these students as an important part of the future for every aspect of Mechanical Engineering and indeed for my software of choice to.

Thanks All, Dave Ault

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