Surfcam Acquired by Vero

Surfcam was my first CAM program and at that time, 2002, it was perhaps one of the leading programs out there. Some of the building blocks they had were the best tool libraries of any program and this may still be true today. They had an interface for Faroarms to collect points lines and arcs which was ahead of it’s time. They had decent tool paths and really good 2D stuff easy to use and predictable in results. They were also the first I believe to come up with a program like Truemill which oddly enough never gained a great following amongst Surfcam users. I never did understand this as this type of tool path is pretty darned powerful.

Surfcam alas also had problems with legacy issues they could not afford to fix so they lingered for years with the only really big change from 2002 until now being Truemill and the change to 64 bit. I think Surfcam could have had a much larger market share if they had done the right things with their code years ago but they didn’t and so today we see the end result. I think this is a good thing for Surfcam and that now perhaps legacy problems like no undo can be fixed. Surfcam is basically a little dated perhaps but it is still capable software and I wish them the best under their new owners.

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