Solid Edge User Groups, Huntsville 2-13-13 at 2:00PM

Just a reminder Edgers. There are user groups starting up in various places and now is the time if this is of interest to you to get involved. The people who are first in to these types of organizations generally have a lot more to say about how and where these things will take place. If you care at all about user connectivity get involved.

I expect to have a complete list of these to post with times and agendas as they become available.

Now in my backyard the Huntsville user group will meet February 13Th at 2:00 pm at the Solid Edge headquarters in Huntsville. If you are in this are and have to chance to attend I would certainly urge you to do so. This will be the only user group in the country that has access to the talent that writes the stuff you use. I can’t tell you which of the SE guys will be there outside of the agenda but these guys are interested in you and the software so you can bet we will have a few there.
Is the web link for signup and you have not already been contacted.

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