Incompetent says CLOUD Unsafe

Well not really. The title I wanted to use for this post would have been  “Incompetent says CLOUD Unsafe, Apple co-founder says Cloud Unsafe” but I could not find a way to do strike-thoughs on the title. Before we go any further read the following link.

Then read

I bring these questions up once again because the co-founder of Apple asks some of the same questions and as of yet none of these cloud purveyors have come right out with answers to any of these.

I can’t think of one charitable thing to say about any company that is trying to force users to the cloud. In particular CAD companies such as Dassault and now Autodesk. No proof of anything anywhere about useability and reliability and security. No promises no guarantees just nothing at all except glowing puff pieces telling you will benefit but without spelling out how in detail.

I think at this time there are only three things we know for sure about the cloud and cloud hucksters. #1, the ironclad EULA’s you will have to sign for the privilege of cloud usage will accrue benefits (cash and legal ones) only to the software company.  #2 ROI for cloud users does not mean “Real Online Independence”. It means hidden costs and actual costs of the recurring type that will run your expenses up way past what you had when you were autonomous and had a permanent seat. #3 The cloud will crap all over you in security, reliability  and new-found expenses like data cap charges as the ISP’s and server farms don’t care what Dassault and Autodesk promised and you will get what you get.

The very next time anyone tells you that the cloud is so good ask them for the service and indemnity guarantees. Better yet demand them before signing anything with these clowns. Now if they don’t offer this what possible excuse can they have other than their legal department says don’t guarantee what you can’t guarantee. It is just that simple.  It is also why not one company has come forth in this area with details.

OK all you cloud fans, can hairy necked Neanderthal Dave watch as you sally forth into this brave new world? If you want to do it on the cheap and find out what it would be like to be there without going there may I suggest the following.

Get a hammer. Put your hand on a flat surface and then hit your hand with the hammer. Now do this once again for every month you plan on being in business and using the cloud. When you get tired quit.

Yessirree, the cloud does have one big benefactor class besides those that perpetrate the fraud to begin with. I think the Chinese among others will appreciate the convenience of one stop all you can eat internet buffets.

You put your stuff online you deserve what you’re going to get as far as I am concerned. If you stay with a company that intends to force you to work on the cloud, dittos.


3 responses to “Incompetent says CLOUD Unsafe

  1. Used appropriately, the cloud is excellent. Used carelessly, the cloud is dangerous. Like most things in life….

  2. Yes I agree. Put nothing you have to rely on there and you will be fine. Put nothing you want private there and you will be fine.

  3. In my opinion, Woz is spot on in his analysis.
    It is truly bothersome that Cloud vendors actually have the unmitigated gall to claim ownership of customer intellectual property but then add insult to injury by refusing to indemnify customers for the loss or theft of their data.
    Anyone who chooses the cloud for mission-critical data is a fool.

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