Solid Edge ST5 Live Rules

One of the most frustrating things in CAD for this user is icons that pop up and tell you clever things like “this failed”.  Well OK, I already know that you moron and I am so grateful for this stellar information. Could I perhaps bother you to tell me why? Can’t argue with an icon and you can’t get your hands on the neck of the developer so you just sit there and reflect on the insanity of failure prompts with no intelligence behind them.

I can only talk about ST5 in my mind’s eye as I have not had a copy to play with. What I did see though is that dumb warnings are now going to become  intelligent. Diagnostic information will be available including face color changes to indicate relationships and conditions relative to the synchronous edit you want to make.

This has been one of the principle complaints from users. Why did what I just try fail? There was in ST4 new help in some ways with the live rules affecting your edit being highlighted in the live rules toolbar but there was not much past this. OK, as an  example we might see coplanar highlighted but out of all the faces in your part parallel to the edit which ones are relevant? With the advent of tools to show directly what is involved with your proposed change you can figure out quickly what might be the problem stymying you.

One of the long time SE users who was a holdout against ST until this past year had some interesting things to say about this. What is important about what he says is to consider where he stood on the confusion in learning what did and did not work with live rules. This has been one of the biggies for long time ordered users and perhaps the biggest reason for resistance. ( you vill now be assimilated and resistance is FUTILE  😉 heh-heh )  He was not alone in his viewpoint I can assure you and I shared to some degree his frustration here.  He said it very well today in a post on the BBS and I quote from Bob Mileti.

“But the best news is their work on Live Rules. With ST5 we will now have “VISUAL” feedback as to what LR is controlling, but more importantly the user now controls this behavior on the fly, and directly on the Model itself… it’s so very COOL! Now any constraint, dimension, etc. can be directly changed without the user having to translate the radio button condition or ever dive into Advanced LRs. What Dan and Development has come up with is nothing short of brilliant and very elegant… certainly way better than anything I could have imagined. ”

This is a big deal analytical tool of considerable benefit and I am really happy to see this.  You will be too.

6 responses to “Solid Edge ST5 Live Rules

  1. Dave
    I haven’t seen any videos of the the new LR and it hasn’t had any press so it is hard to understand quite what you mean, but I’ll take your word that it is good! Looking forward to giving it a go though.
    I was hoping for a lofted flange in sync sheet metal but it doesn’t seem to have made it – maybe next year.

    • Roger,
      There will be plenty of videos out soon I am sure. There may even be some now I just don’t have the time for a bit to find them. I will post information when I become aware of places to go. Don’t know about lofted flanges. I missed every session but two as I was busy with other stuff so I only saw the Keynote by Dan where he touched on some things and the Parts modeling by Doug Stainbrook.

  2. Dave
    Looks like I’ll have to wait! Looking forward to slot tool, assembly mirror and of course multibody.

    • Hi Roger, You aren’t the only one who has to wait impatiently I might add. I get to see these little snippets without getting to play with it and I think sometimes it is better to not see. I don’t have to much to say about ST5 yet because I did not get to play at all with it in Nashville and ended up only sitting through one ST5 session besides Dan’s speech on ST5.

  3. Dave
    Camlogic have posted a superb video on youtube showing the new live rules. Looks good! I’m keen to give this a go to see how well it works on more complex parts but it definitely looks like they have understood the issues. My challenge will be differentiating between the colours so I hope these can be customized.
    The ST5 UK launch is on tomorrow so I hope to get a better look at it then.

  4. Hey Roger, keep us filled in on how it all goes at this event and I mean both in the software and the community.

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